The Summer Set Lacks Depth

The Summer Set is an American pop rock bad that got its start in 2007. Back then, they released their first EP, “Love the Love You Have,” which led to their signing with The Militia Group. The band made their most popular full-length album, “Everything’s Fine,” under the direction of Razor & Tie. “Everything’s Fine” explores the bands multiple emotions drawing upon many of their life experiences. As the band matures, their storytelling should be dipping into more serious topics.

Their new album, “Legendary,” is lively, and the upbeat lyrics are easy to sing along to. The content of the songs vary between seizing the day, romance, sex and having fun. The Summer Set has toured with bands such as Yellowcard, The Cab and All Time Low. These bands all have similar sounds, but the lead singer of The Summer Set, Bryan Dales, is known for his prominent stage presence.

There are many tracks on this album that are ideal for concerts. The tempo is fast and the lyrics are simple, enabling this album to cohesively translate to a great set list for future concerts.

Throughout the album, there are a lot of name drops that will eventually date the songs and not be relevant in a few years. Mentioning Beyoncé, Jay-Z and “How I Met Your Mother” in songs limits the album’s capability of remaining relevant in the years to come.

The song “Legendary” is an ode to Barney Stinson from the popular television series “How I Met Your Mother.” The song starts with a comparison to Peter Pan’s life and striving to find a new adventure. The mildly fast beats and repetitive lyrics create an urgency that there is no time to waste being average.

“Jukebox” is a tribute to music being the cure to many problems. The song starts slow, but when it reaches the chorus, the pace picks up. The message that life goes on is highlighted by the staccato lyrics that draw attention to the lyrics. The concept of the song relates to the struggles that youth face and reassures that everything will be fine if music becomes an escape. The catchy tune will be embedded into your brain, and you will find yourself singing the lyrics for days.

“Lightning in a Bottle” is a typical youth anthem that has a unique spin on letting loose and finding what seems like love. The part of the song that really resonates is the afterglow effect. After all the hype settles down, the afterglow is all that is left to remember all the good memories.

The songs “Heart on the Floor” and “The Way We Were” tap into deeper emotions of love and loss. These songs have a soft rock sound and conjure emotions that anyone who has been in love or heart broken. In the time of a synth pop takeover, The Summer Set, once a pop rock band, has adapted to the One Direction and The Wanted pop scene. In their previous album there was a strong rock influence, but “Legendary” utilizes bubble gum lyrics and auto-tune to create a pop heavy sound.

This album is worth listening to, because in between the fun, meaningless sing-along songs, there are a few songs that lyrically evoke feelings and memories of relationships.

Only recommended if you’re not bothered by the meaningless songs enough to find the ones with more emotional value.