Anteaters Show They Mean ‘Business’

Marlin Agoub | New University

Marlin Agoub | New University

Women in Business (WIB) bring back “Anteaters Got Talent” for the first time in two years, restarting an annual tradition.


“Women In Business” (WIB), an on-campus graduate students organization for the master’s program, invited students and faculty members from UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business to present a show called Anteaters Got Talent on Friday, May 10.

“This used to be a tradition. However, the past two years it didn’t happen. So I thought we gotta bring it back. I love watching people show off what they got,” Neena Dass, president of WIB for 2012 and 2013, said.

The show was held in a friendly competition form with 15 teams on various performances, including singing, rapping, dancing, reciting, golf juggling and playing taiko drums. Over 100 audience members voted through their smartphones at the end for the top four winners.

Gary Lindblad, assistant dean and director of the masters program, played the guitar and sang two songs, written by himself, while the audience was voting. Through the lyrics, he closed the show by praising people’s talents and encouraging the international students to keep bringing out the best in them.

“When I say business, you say women!” he said, as the audience responded in kind.

The audience was very much involved in every moment. There were many interactions between them and the performances during the entire show. Sometimes they sang along with the singers; sometimes audience members stood up to show their support; and at other times they couldn’t stop cheering or clapping their hands.

Caroline Shen, a full-time masters student, and her dancing partner Roberto Cavallo were voted as the champions of the friendly competition.

Shen has been learning international dance long enough to be a professional dancer. During this year, she and Cavallo will have five more dancing performances.

“I really like this event,” Shen said. “It’s well-organized. I think they did a great job of putting it all together.”

Cammei Yang, a fully- employed master’s student, and Yuanne, a UCI alumna, received fourth place. They performed a song mixed of “Titanium” and “Try” in their own style.

Third place went to Lyn Phaerakkakit, a full-time master’s student, and her band. The runner-up went to a dance team called “Bollywood dance,” which was composed of eight students and staff members.

Nenna Dass said she is trying to make this event an annual activity again.

For this year, she found many sponsors, such as Veggie Grill and QSD, for the awards and sound equipment.

Dass said she hopes this year’s success could encourage the president for the next year to keep this as a tradition.