A Message from Anthropology Department on Race

Dear Fellow Members of the UC Irvine Community,

As members of the Department of Anthropology, we wish to condemn acts of racism on our campus and express our solidarity with all those who have been harmed by such acts. As anthropologists, we stand for the values of diversity, respect and human empathy. Recent actions on campus, most notably by members of a fraternity, are sad reminders of how much work we all still have to do to build a community based upon mutual acceptance and respect.

We are concerned that all members of the UCI community must do more to address the patterns of prejudice and intolerance experienced by those whose histories, languages, cultures, appearances, genders, religions and orientations may have made them targets. Campus leaders, administrators and faculty members must lead the way. Educating the campus community about prejudice should not fall on the shoulders of the student groups or individuals who experience prejudice. Campus leaders must look not only at single incidents of racist behavior; they must investigate and work with students to transform the conditions that allow a climate of disrespect to exist at UCI.

Department of Anthropology, UC Irvine.

The Department of Anthropology can be reached on the third floor of SBSG.