Exploring Many Forms of Writing

I have a strong feeling that my departing words will be the only ones that are not terribly nostalgic. After six years in college, three at a junior college in northern California studying theatre and then coming to UC Irvine to discover my writing for another three, I’m just ready to get out in the world and show it what I’m made of. I feel experienced, prepared and confident. Despite a lot of my fellow students telling me they are scared and having felt for a brief time scared myself, I’m ready.

From the start of my college career I have dabbled in all areas, from photography to fashion, to the dreams of studying astrology but not feeling confident enough to take that route, to my passion for theatre — I finally discovered where I felt most at home in the English department here at UCI and have discovered and fully embraced my love for writing.

Although my love lies specifically in creative writing, I can proudly say I had my start by being published in the New University, even if they are different kinds of writing, it’s writing and I love it in all it’s forms.

Through the New University, I was able to bring all of my passions into one medium. I was able to interview former Anteater and bestselling author Alice Sebold, whom I devotedly read and appreciated when I was merely 16 years old. I was able to write many music reviews, which is a testimony to my passion for music. And I was even able to explore a field in which I knew very little about, sports, where I covered a couple of soccer games, which is an homage to the brief time I played in high school. Even if I wasn’t Mia Hamm (whose Barbie I proudly asked for and received one Christmas), I loved it and had fun.

That’s how I felt about my experience in fields I was not completely well-versed in like sports, for which the New U gave me the opportunity to write. I write and I learn. I learn and I write. And even if I’m not the most well-versed in a topic here and there, I love it and I have fun. And if I can positively impact people’s lives in the process, I’d be honored and glad.

As my final article in the New University newspaper, this is bittersweet. I’m happy that I have had my start here at UCI but glad that I know it will not end here. I’m excited for the new chapter in my life, and I hope the rest of the graduating Anteaters are too. We are only at the beginning. Even if we are leaving UCI, we still have a lot to learn and a lot more fun to be had.