Vinh Nguyen Situation. Honor!

In reflecting on my experience at UC Irvine, and more specifically on my work in the New University, this year’s end will conclude my second and final year on the staff of the editorial board of this campus’ newspaper. But, while bitter and heartfelt goodbyes are often associated with such a parting, I feel that for me, this opportunity allows me to reflect on working with such a wonderful and spirited staff and really understand the joys of working with such a wonderful crew.

It’s human nature for us to sometimes take things for granted up until the point when the end is coming. Then, you realize that your time to appreciate a good thing is quickly coming to its conclusion.

Now, a new staff comes in to replace the old. The veterans have done their time, and they leave to make room for younger, brighter minds whose youthful creativity will no doubt inspire new and innovative ideas to the table.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the New University, and more importantly, to thanks its wonderful staff who allowed me the honor and privilege of working for such a reputed newspaper.

To my Captain, James S. Kim. You have been the guiding light for our section. This year, working with you has given me the opportunity to learn so much about not only our potentials as a great section but also about my own potentials as a member of this staff. Now, truly the student has become the master, and you have taken our news section to greater heights with your passionate love for what you do and for what is right. Thank you for being a great leader and an inspiration to your staff.

To my fellow associate news editor, Ryan Wallace. You and little Skuttles are the dynamic duo. Thank you for being at my side as we worked under the leadership of our esteemed Captain. You and I have gone through the same struggle, and I will never forget that. Tell Skuttles goodbye for me. I will miss you two very much.

To Menendez and Cady. Our beloved desk neighbors. Long have our two sections kept the forces of administrative corruption at bay. By the blood of our staff is the newspaper kept safe. The Force is strong with you two, and when you guys play the game of thrones, you always win. And yes, dear Cady, bow ties are indeed cool. I have only love for you two, and I will miss you very much.

To my dear Logan Payne. You have been like family to me, and I will never forget the times we have spent talking about our lot in this crazy, crazy world. It only gets crazier, and I know that ahead of us lies a hard and challenging road. But Logan, you have so much guts and so much integrity. You’ve been the one who inspired me to stand up tall, to shout out and to do what is right. You have been my moral compass here in this newspaper, and I will take all of our memories and wonderful adventures to heart. Thank you.

To Ian Massey. I shed tears instantaneously. Our wonderful trips and struggles are legendary. Your mind, your writing and your passion for bringing fresh and new ideas, and your dedication to always changing things for the better, has been my inspiration from the first day I met you. I have so much respect for you, brother.

To Belester. You have been like a brother to me here on the New U. You have a great heart, and together, we have gone through so much. I will cherish those moments of laughter, sometimes to the verge of tears. But now, those tears, while still tears of joy, will carry sadness to them. I will miss you greatly, my friend.

To J-Pratt and to Jun. Your work as senior editorial board has really changed the repute of the newspaper. Your dedication to going out and raising attention about our newspaper and our purpose here on campus has been inspiring, from organizing each and every meeting to gathering volunteers for promoting the development of our publication. I am honored to have worked under your leadership.

And finally, to the rest of the staff, both new and old members who will be staying or leaving, I only wish I had unlimited space so I could thank each and every one of you for all of the joys we’ve shared working for this paper.

The end is here, and it is time we go our separate ways. I will miss you all greatly. Good luck, and I wish you all a blessed journey. You are all destined for greatness, and I will miss you all.

Peace and love, brothers and sisters.