Letter from Your Editors

Dear Readers,


The sports section of the New University aims to provide students with unbiased unaltered sports related news. With that said, the editorial board at the New University would like to remind its readers that this is a student newspaper. We are constantly open to any suggestions, comments, and/or concerns regarding the New University.

As we look forward to a new year in sports we aim to provide students with an interactive sports section that bridges the gap between students and athletes. If students have any suggestions in regards to story ideas feel free to email them to sports@newuniversity.org, with the subject heading “Story Ideas.” Our coverage will consist primarily of UCI sports and athletes, but we are open to writing about professional sports periodically. Lastly, if students are interested in getting involved with the sports section, please email us and ask to be added to our mailing list.



Your Sports Editor and Associate Editor,

Ragy Stefan and Carla Kekejian