“Suits” Back on, Drama Continues

The premiere to the third season return of “Suits” picks up right from where the show last left off. The rifts within the firm that occurred as the result of managing partner Jessica Pearson’s behind-the-back efforts to merge Pearson Hardman and Derby International are widely felt.

Courtesy of USA Network

Courtesy of USA Network

Last season viewers witnessed the egos of Jessica and her seasoned pupil and Senior Partner, Harvey Specter, inevitably collide. Tensions run high as a result, and a sense of divide among some of the show’s main cast is more than visible. Loyalty is called into question as friendships and relationships are marred by betrayal. Because of these newly introduced themes, new and old rivalries surface, and they soon conflict in the newly combined firm of Pearson-Darby.

“Suits,” the flagship television series of the USA Network, features one new star from another popular  series from another network, HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” that being Michelle Fairley. Interestingly enough, one of the ad campaigns for the third season of “Suits” features a clever homage to the wildly successful epic fantasy HBO series.

The newest season of “Suits” features Edward Darby continuing  where he left from the last season, who is the managing partner of the to-be-merged firm. Fairley stars as Ava Hessington, the firm’s newest client, who is the executive of an international oil company that finds itself in very deep water.

The third season so far has also witnessed the return of Gary Cole in his role as Cameron Dennis and also Abigail Spencer and Amanda Schull as Dana Scott and Katrina Bennett respectively.

In the return of “Suits,” viewers bear witness to firsts on a number of different fronts. One of the bigger and more anticipated firsts would be the burgeoning relationship of Mike Ross and Rachel Zane. The two not only console over their past histories and former withholdings of the truth but are also able reach a new level of intimacy and trust.

Harvey’s relationship with Jessica is inevitably strained, and although the two seem to be on somewhat amiable terms with each other in scenes where they appear together, an underlying sense of distrust and unease permeates the atmosphere.

Viewers are introduced to both international law and players coming into play. A distinct part of this comes with British counterparts to some of the main characters of the show, including Louis Litt and Harvey Specter.

So far in the third season, in spite of the wave of changes and a series of original elements, a handful of inevitable realities which have rung true for the series since the beginning have been upheld.

The infamously sly and slick Louis Litt is back to his scheming yet unsuccessful ways. In his return, we find him in the midst of a rivalry with someone besides Harvey. Nigel, Louis’s British counterpart, joins the firm as a result of the merger with Derby International and is successful in getting the upper hand over Louis at his own game. Following this are his beleaguered attempts to court Mike as his own associate, only to come up shorthanded by Harvey’s last minute change of heart to accept him back.

Secondly, to keep in tradition with characters being entangled in conflicts of interest and forced into choosing sides — all while vying for control of the firm — we have Harvey and Jessica.

Jessica’s attempts to rectify her relationship with Harvey are in vain. He is greatly disenchanted with Jessica’s most recent series of decisions, including the blackmailing of his associate Mike Ross so that he would subscribe to her bidding and in effect allow the merger to occur. Harvey takes it upon himself to strike a deal to pull one over her and effectively secure his place as future managing partner of the firm.

Thirdly, Harvey somehow manages to get his own way. The third season presents viewers with familiar protocol in which Harvey and Mike become presented with what appears to be an exceedingly difficult case. From there, viewers are led to logically infer that the hopes of their clients and their own of prevailing are slim to none.

Yet a serendipitous revelation and sudden realization to a loophole in the laws or legal framework at hand, the two protagonists are ultimately presented with the opportunity to succeed.

Amidst the cesspool of shows revolving around lawyers and the institution of law in this era of modern television, “Suits” is able to set itself apart with its rich ensemble of cool and charming characters. It is engagingly multifaceted in its structure, but still simple enough to follow for the casual viewer.


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