Leg Council Holds Summer Meetings

ASUCI’s Legislative Council met twice before the beginning of the school year to vote on topics ranging from the appointment of the UC President to budget allocations on September 3 and 10.

Two bills were introduced to the Council concerning the appointment of former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to the position of UC President. Both bills were authored by Executive Vice President Melissa Gamble and ICS Representative Patrick Chen, the first piece of legislation asked for a “vote of no confidence” against Napolitano’s appointment.

Phuc Pham | New University

Phuc Pham | New University

The vote of no confidence was adopted unanimously with a vote of 9 to 0, condemning the decision to make Napolitano the next UC president.

The second bill authored by Gamble and Chen and the only other item voted on during the Legislative Council meeting regarded the endorsement of nine demands written by multicultural organizations and DREAMers throughout the UC system.

The nine demands detail precautions Napolitano should take in order to ensure confidence within the UC student body about the safety of all UC students and can be read in full on the ASUCI website. [we’ll embed link]. The list of demands were adopted by the council as the bill passed with a vote of 8 to 0 with 1 abstention.

The Council also met on the 10th and approved an increased allocation of funds for Welcome Week due to budget shortages.

The Council unanimously approved B49-05 and B49-06 which combined moved $15,600 from ASUCI Professional Staff Furniture and Equipment Purchase budget into the Program Costs of Welcome Week Account, an account specifically for Welcome Week related expenses.

The funds will help pay for Welcome Week activities such as The Anteater Involvement Fair, the annual Welcome Week concert and other events.

According to the Council, the extra money was needed to cover the costs of Welcome Week, which will be greater than what was initially allocated. There was a lack of sponsors, whose money would have otherwise covered the budget gap as in previous years. Last year Chevy donated $7,000 to ASUCI for Welcome Week and Target gave $4,000 for the Late Night at Target. Both of these companies did not agree to give money again this year.

Despite this, ASUCI has decided to expand Welcome Week activities with the addition of two new events.

This year, ASUCI included a day of volunteering called “UC I Give Back” on Wednesday, Sept. 25. The idea was the brain child of Student Services Vice President Dominque Doan and Administrative Affairs Vice President Tony Tizcareno as a way to change Welcome Week.

“We kind of just put this event (together) because we felt that the Welcome Week had been kind of the same for a few years now and we kind of wanted to switch it up by adding this thing (volunteering) to it,” Tizcareno said.

The event will have UCI students volunteer for a non-profit organization called Think Together that provides academic aid to disadvantaged children. Over 1,000 students are expected to volunteer.

Allocated funding will also be used for a new Welcome Week event where UCI will attempt to break the world record for the largest water blaster battle on Sept 24.