Hate it or Love it: The Spirit of an Anteater


Okay, so we don’t sound that intimidating, our mascot’s not really that impressive and we don’t have any cool chants. You know what though? We have some of the greatest sports teams in the nation, and it’s time that the students get behind our athletes and our sports.

Our water polo team has only lost one game out of the 11 they’ve played, and they currently rank no. 7 in the nation. Our Women’s Soccer team beat no. 6 BYU and are currently riding a four game winning streak. On top of that, our Men’s Soccer team annihilated the no. 11 Bruins 3-1 Thursday night. They didn’t just outscore the Bruins, though; they outplayed them in a game that wasn’t even as close as the score indicates. I know I’m going on a rant on how great UC Irvine sports are, but it’s only because I want to share this excitement with the rest of the students.

Here’s the thing: unless we back our teams, talk smack to other schools and show up to games with inappropriate signs and painted faces, then we’re doing something wrong. We need to have the spirit of competition!

So what if we don’t have a football team — we have the two time defending champion volleyball team AND a Science Library #Winning!!!

This year, let’s change the culture of UC Irvine sports. Let’s show up to games excited and ready to support our Anteaters. Let’s send hate tweets to the big athletic schools like the UCLAs and the USCs. Let’s take the city of Irvine by storm and get support from all the old rich white dudes that have no college team to support. This year, let’s encourage each other to go to games so our athletes know that we have their back. That way, when the Men’s Basketball team, wins the Big West in March, and when the Men’s Volleyball team gets their three-peat in May, we can all say that we did it together.