Art Lab’s Wellness Series Debuts

The first of three ASUCI Art Labs graced the Student Center with a variety of art and talent on Sept 24. The artwork and few booths present were aimed at promoting the general theme of this quarter’s Art Lab — Wellness: Physical, Mental, Spiritual.

Started in the fall quarter of 2012, Art Lab was an event created by members of ASUCI in order to advocate more mural space on campus.  The event is held once a quarter and features multiple forms of art on the student terrace, ranging from paintings to music to even standup comedy for the first time this year. Within the time that Art Lab has established itself, other organizations on campus have also started to integrate themselves into the dynamic. Previously, the CARE (Campus Assault Resources and Education) Center has teamed up to produce art that was relevant to Art Lab’s themes. Other organizations have also begun to recognize Art Lab’s success and will booth here too. This quarter, booths for the counseling center and Uncultivated Rabbits, our only spoken word club on campus, were among the few sharing the space.

Phuc Pham | New University

Phuc Pham | New University


There was a large variety of mediums and styles that conveyed the same theme of well-being in the art presented at the event. One of the pieces of art featured was a computer-generated image of an anteater in mid battle, created by Larry Q, a recent graduate of UC Irvine.

This heavily contrasted with a work by Naaz Mirreghabie, an ASUCI member who is currently in her fourth year of psychology and social behaviors. With her major in mind, she found a way to channel this into her art, which she described as an essence of Eric Ericson’s “psychosocial moratorium.” This is a concept in which a person takes a break from “real life” in order to search for their true identity. The piece was an abstract mix of mint, pink and blue pastel-colored oil paints on canvas. Naaz describes her piece and the moratorium as an “emotional purge,” as well as a matter of decisiveness to conform between childhood and adulthood.

In addition to the displayed art, stage talent set the soundtrack to Art Lab. At first the musical acts were mostly acoustic, however, other forms of entertainment took to the stage. Standup comedy was performed along with a spoken word piece performed by Kelly Kimball, the president of Uncultivated Rabbits on campus.

Anyone interested in presenting or displaying art at the next Art Lab, are encouraged to contact Art Lab Directors Tasneem and Nicole Hisatomi for more inf