UCI Breaks Another World Record

UC Irvine now holds the record for the World’s Largest Water Blaster after 3,875 students donned in blue and gold gathered on the Anteater Recreation Center fields Tuesday afternoon.

In 2007, the world record was held in Valladolid, Spain in a water pistol fight organized by the city’s council. This year marked the first time that UC Irvine attempted to break this record, making it a new welcome week addition.

Courtesy of ASUCI

Courtesy of ASUCI

“This is UC Irvine’s fourth time for a world record,” said Philip Robertson, adjudicator for Guinness World Record. Irvine’s third attempt in the Guinness World Record was held in 2012 when over 6,000 students competed for the World’s Largest Dodgeball Fight.

“We went through the world record, and we thought, ‘Which one fits us? We thought it would be a great event to have when it’s really hot in September. It is a great welcome week event and is really safe and fun for everyone,” said Dominique Doan, ASUCI Vice President of Student Services.

The annual world record attempt event planned by ASUCI student services for nearly two and a half months has become a tradition that appeals to a large number of incoming freshmen and transfer students.

As the gates opened at 11 a.m., blue and gold competitors were divided into two teams while each individual was provided with a single water blaster. Performances by the spirit squad and the Chinese Association Dance Crew helped pump up the crowd.

“About 97 people who work under student services, including interns and throughout the ASUCI office helped plan the event. A little bit over 100, but that does not include pro-staff, security, and the people who came for the world record. So nearly 200 people helped put this together,” said Jabari McDonald, a fourth year film and media studies student.

Among the participants were organizations that lined up along the field selling food and drinks while others set up booths for face painting. For some club organizations, it was a first experience participating in UC Irvine’s Welcome Week.

Austin Hui, a third year chemistry student and an active member of the Chemistry Club, said, “We have been involved for nearly a year, and this is our first year at ASUCI’s event. We spent almost two hours baking cupcakes.”

As the battle among the blue and gold team came to an end, votes were tallied for participants who remained on the fields for at least ten minutes. Guinness World Record officials tallied the number of participants and joined Vice Chancellor Thomas Parham and the event coordinators on stage to announce that UCI succeeded in breaking the record.

“I was so excited. This is such a tradition that every incoming student is hoping to break the world record,” Doan said.

Among the field, students eagerly posed in front of the sign ‘Water Blaster Battle — Take Your Best Zot’ joined by shouts of students ready for another school year to begin.