Blog of the Weik: Angry Asian Man

If you just take a glance at our section name, you’ll know what it is that we do here. We feature. We feature  esteemed professors who won awards for their work. We feature UC Irvine alumni who have gone on to graduate school and  are now  high-profile employees. We feature  campus organizations working hard for their upcoming events.

But you know where we haven’t quite ventured in terms of our college community? Online. Kind of surprising, considering the number of kids we see browsing Facebook every day in the lecture hall when they should be taking notes. Clubs and teachers contribute a lot, but it’s important to remember that in this digital age, social media also plays a role in establishing our campus environment.

Enter online blogs, one of the most vivid opportunities you have to peek into another person’s world. Whether you’re an aspiring chef searching for cooking tips or a shopaholic who loves styling clothes, there’s a blog out there for everyone, and chances are if you read it, someone else here on campus reads it, too.

The featured blog of this week is Angry Asian Man, started by “Asian America’s most influential blogger” Phil Yu back in 2001 as a space for him to vent out his feelings on Asian American issues, during his downtime in between temp jobs.

Now, the “angry” side of Yu is used in a comical way to get readers to read about everything from a news report on a Chinese man stabbing his ex-girlfriend to his own commentary on the racist tweets over our first Indian-American Miss America. Yu, or Angry Asian Man, as he is most often referred to, has evolved his blog over the years to not only call out the racist events and people in America, but to document the progress Asian Americans have been making in the media.

Notable Asian American figures who Angry Asian Man likes to follow include Jeremy Lin, the NBA player who inspired Asian Americans everywhere during a period in pop culture that we now refer to as “Linsanity;” Julie Chen, the news anchor and television personality who recently admitted to having plastic surgery over the years to look less Asian; and famous YouTube singers like Clara C and Cathy Nguyen.

And as much as Angry Asian Man loves to highlight the influential Asian Americans in the media, he also makes sure to point out the ones who are causing trouble by posting links to news stories on stabbings, car chases and public crimes committed by Asian Americans. One of the most recent crime stories? That of Minh V. Nguyen, the Indianapolis man arrested for impersonating a cop on multiple occasions. Angry Asian Man also received a tip that led him to be one of the first media sites to break the story of the racist blackface video that UCI’s own Lambda Theta Delta Asian American fraternity made back in April 2013.

Finally, Angry Asian Man gives his readers opportunities to become more involved in the Asian American community throughout the U.S.

Many Asian American organizations like comedy clubs in Portland or lifestyle magazines in San Francisco offer great deals for readers who attend their shows or parties, and sometimes independent filmmakers will offer advanced screenings to Angry Asian Man fans. Once a week, Yu even shines the spotlight on one lucky, longtime fan in a segment titled “Angry Reader of the Week.”

Though you can barely find a post that’s not subjective, you can’t deny that Yu makes sure to share both the good and bad of Asian American culture, and he goes to great lengths to interact with his readers and to educate them. If we’re a little angry after reading his blog posts, he’s done his job.

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