Council Still Opposed

The ASUCI Legislative Council has reaffirmed its opposition to the appointment and policies of current University of California president, Janet Napolitano, with the passage of resolutions critical of her actions as head of Homeland Security and calling on her to comply with a list of demands.
The Legislative Council passed resolution R49-03 again to show their resistance to the appointment Janet Napolitano to the position of president of the University of California at their meeting on Thursday, Oct. 3, in Pacific Ballroom A. The resolution was written by ASUCI executive vice president Mellissa Gamble and ICS representative Patrick Chen and expressed that ASUCI has no confidence in the appointment of Napolitano and will publically oppose her appointment. The resolution also states that ASUCI will support the UC student coalition’s nine demands for Napolitano that include making UC campuses a ‘sanctuary’ for undocumented immigrants. At-Large Representative Reza Zomorrodian supported the legislation due to his belief that Napolitano is not qualified for the position.
“I don’t feel like we should not support her because of her job. I do however feel she has no background or experience in higher education. Even Mark Yudof had academic administrative experience before he was appointed,” Zomorrodian said.
Zomorrodian attempted to sway other members to vote yes on the resolution, even though it had been already been voted on and was passed by the Council over the summer. This fact did not stop debate on the issue because the Council had to vote on the resolution again in order for it to take effect. Zomorrodian however did not convince those that opposed the legislation, including School of Engineering Representative Tarun Patel.
“I understand what you are saying, but I feel like you don’t understand what the implications of what you are proposing.”
However Patel’s words did not sway other Council members like School of Humanities Representative Naaila Mohammed who defended the council’s decision over summer to pass R49-03.
“I don’t feel that we as a student government need to back down to authority. In fact we are power(ful) and we should be able to defend our views,” Mohammed said.
The resolution ultimately passed with nine votes in favor and five abstaining. The Council also passed resolution R49-04 which stated that ASUCI supports the nine demands put forth by a coalition of UC students against Napolitano. The resolution was also co-authored by Gamble and Chen and supported the same demands as those listed under R49-03. As a result there was little debate over the resolution. It was passed by a vote of 13-0 with one abstention. Both resolutions, as well as all other resolutions and bills voted on by the Legislative Council, can be viewed on the ASUCI website.