Nine for “Nine-Nine”

It’s that time of the year again, where television networks pull out their new shows after a long, unwanted summer filled with hiatuses. With so many of our favorite television shows either coming back on air or leaving the screen forever, people are still looking for another great show to add to their list. Ladies and gentlemen, the search is over. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a sure winner for comedy fans.

Courtesy of Universal Television

Courtesy of Universal Television

The show takes a shot at the average cop show, a genre that most of television tries to stay away from, and adds a comedic twist (which has not been successfully done before). Andy Samberg plays Jake Peralta, one of the best detectives in New York City’s biggest borough, the 99th Precinct. His goofy, childish behavior and inability to follow rules leads him to face off with Captain Ray Holt, the new, strict police chief in the station, played by Andre Braugher.

Since his departure from Saturday Night Live, Samberg has finally found a place where his talent for comedy can show. Throughout the show, Samberg channels his inner child in a rule-driven environment by tasering watermelons and rolling backwards in an office chair with the power of a fire extinguisher. But it is his battle with the aspects of adulthood that keeps the comedy going. It is in the dynamic between Samberg’s constant need to play by his own rules and Baugher’s enforcement of the rules where the show is at its most entertaining.

The cast also delivers an interesting supporting ensemble that not only resembles the characters in “Parks and Recreation,” but also stands out with their own hilarious personalities. There is the deadpan cop with the hardcore demeanor, the goodie two-shoes cop searching for praise from the new boss, and the male cop who is a mild version of “Jerry,” clumsy and unappreciated.

The main question that is in every viewer’s minds for a new show is always whether the show will make it all the way through. Although the show is successful with its hilarious chemistry among its characters, it has the potential like all new television shows to either rise or fall.

Samberg’s “[refusal] to follow the rules” pastiche may get old for the audience after a while, and every case handled in the show so far has been brought up and closed in every episode does get a little irritating. If “BNN” gets the clue to switch its formula up a little further along into the season, the show will have a better chance at maintaining a favorable level of success.

Those minor tidbits, though, shouldn’t discourage viewers from enjoying this comedy. The show certainly has the guts to break the rules of the conventional cop show to bring a new level of hilarity to primetime television. Even though the show needs  time to develop a little more, it’s still very promising with its funny storylines and quirky characters.


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