A New Sitcom Spin for Fox

Michael J. Fox’s return to NBC in his new television show, “The Michael J. Fox Show,” marks a milestone to his acting career. After working under the radar for the past couple of years in television, he has finally made his comeback, and it doesn’t disappoint. The search for the best new family comedy is over.

Courtesy of Sony Picturse Television

Courtesy of Sony Picturse Television

This new comedy revolves around former news anchor Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox), who is a stay at home dad that’s struggling to keep his family together. He is a father to his eldest son Ian (Conor Romero), a college dropout. His only daughter is Eve (Juliette Goglia), a unique teenager who at times is annoyed with her father’s fame, and last, but not least, his youngest son Graham (Jack Gore) is nothing short of being a young curious child. He is husband to his beautiful loving wife Annie (Betsy Brandt). We also get more comedy from Mark’s sister Leigh (Kate Finnerman), and Mike’s boss and friend Harris (Wendell Pierce).

From the very beginning, Fox’s main character, Mike, showcases quite an extravagant situation. We see his life with Parkinson’s disease and it presents problems. While it becomes easy to assume sadness when seeing a man go through Parkinson’s, we are given a unique perspective that actually results in some good giggles.

Some highlights from the first couple of episodes include Mike’s inability to stay still proves difficult when making a phone call. This incident encourages Mike to go back to work, which ends up being a relief for the entire family. At his own pace we see him come back to his old self in a brand new way. Learning how to be a better father also adds to the workload. Wanting the best for his kids backfires, and results in the better lesson for the entire family.

While the writing for the first episode was satisfactory, it progressively improved as the episodes proceeded. However, it is the cast that brings their charm to the script. Each of the characters are unique in their own way, and the chemistry within this cast allows for the audience to slowly fall in love with this family.

Overall, “The Michael J. Fox Show” is heartwarming and succeeds in teaching its audience a valuable lesson each week. It is this juxtaposition of a man with Parkinson’s and real life comedy that make this show so worth watching. Being able to see a more optimistic and better than ever Michael J. Fox is uplifting. The material is rich and unique to anything on television, therefore making it the perfect family comedy to watch this fall.


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