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ASUCI Reveals Budget

Departments within ASUCI proposed their budgets for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year at the ASUCI Legislative Council meeting on Thursday Oct. 10 in Woods Cove Hall B.
Vice President of Student Services Dominique Doan started the public presentation with the projected budget for the activities and projects under the Office of Student Services for the upcoming year. An estimated $11,000 is expected to be allocated to athletics-related expenses, other expenses included an expected $8,000 to be allocated for festivals, another $8,000 for movie nights, which are planned to occur twice per quarter, and $895 for t-shirts relating to Student Services.
The budget for Shocktoberfest was not finalized. However the projected budget for Soulstice, the third annual spring quarter UCI talent competition is expected to be $85,000. Other expenses included $1,000 for the Anteaters in Action program and $3,500 for the Recruitment, Outreach and Retention program.
Vice President of Academic Affairs Skyla Zhang presented the budget for all activities under the office of Academic Affairs for the year. The budget includes an estimated $1,500 for Academic Engagement events. Other notable expenses included a projected budget of $25,000 for UCI’s speaker and debate series which includes an estimated $23,000 for UCI to host a speaking engagement by Kal Penn, the actor who portrayed Kumar in “Harold and Kumar” and played the character Lawernce Kutner in the show “House.” Zhang justified the cost with the idea of selling tickets to offset the costs.
Zhang also factored in possible financial support from Dr. Parham, the vice chancellor for Student Affairs. She believes if he were to give $15,000, then the event would have a net cost of $3,500-$8,500.
Other speaking engagements are also planned for the year, including a debate on marijuana and Obamacare, though these events are expected to be far cheaper than the Penn speaking event. Later Executive Vice President Melissa Gamble laid out her department’s budget. Gamble is in charge of allocating money for the Legislative Council and predicted that the council would require $16,340 to operate for the remainder of the year. Another major projected expense is the planned allocation of $10,000 for the expenses related to the University of California Student Association’s upcoming Students of Color Conference at UCLA on Nov. 15-17 in which UCI will be sending a delegation of students. Those interested in signing up should visit the ASUCI website to fill out an application.
ASUCI President Nicole Hisatomi laid out her department, the Office of the President’s, expenses this year which included $1,701.84 for t-shirts for ASUCI, $135 for the Art Lab on Sept. 24 and $400 on supplies relating to “campus climate”. Hisatomi and the other department heads of ASUCI will update their reports later in the year when more information becomes available. Any issue regarding the budget of ASUCI must get the approval of the Legislative Council. All future Legislative Council meetings will be in Woods Cove Hall B from 5-7 p.m. and will be open to the public unless otherwise specified by ASUCI.