The Blogger’s Secret

The UC Irvine bookstore, the Hill, hosted its regular author series event last Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Hillside Lounge with Lexie Lane, introducing her latest book “The Blogger’s Survival Guide.”

During her talk, she shared how she became a dedicated blogger. “I actually started communicating with people online. I met some really amazing people. And then, after a while, I stumbled on a parents community. They talked a lot about their families, and most of them were mom bloggers. So after a while, I started to really get into what was going on and how they did things, and then realized, you know, I can do something with it.” Lane was inspired to create an online community for parents where they can ask questions and offer helps for each other. The community now has over 12,000 members from all over the country.

Tim Cai | Photography Intern

Tim Cai | Photography Intern

The community website also allowed Lane to meet Becky McNeer, who is the co-author of “The Blogger’s Survival Guide.” They met each other online, because Lane lives in California and McNeer lives in Virginia. Although they have been partners for almost two years, they have never met in person.

“Becky and I have been through the biggest ups and downs. So, until this day, I know that if [there is] anything, I can trust her so much,” Lane explained. “We went through this [the book] together. It took about a year to write. It’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to write a blog. Blogging is not just having a blog, doing a brunch of writing. Because, nowadays, everyone can post things online. And a lot of companies are in the market too because they can hear the voice directly from the audience.”

The book has been broken down into seven days. From the first chapter, the readers can learn the most basic details about a blog, such as how a blog page looks like.  The second chapter is about how to actually start a blog on WordPress. In the later chapters, the writers talk about the different activities involved with social media and social interaction, how to monetize one’s blog, and so on. Lane thinks, as long as the readers follow all the chapters in the blog, everyone can be a master of blogging after seven days.

During her time sharing, she also revealed that the name she uses on her book is a pseudonym. “When I started blogging, again, I was writing with all the frustration in my heart with everything I didn’t want the other people to know, you know, like my family, everything about anybody that I could talk about. So I thought of a name that no body would know. That’s why I came up with Lexie Lane,” the author talked about her pseudonym at the end of the event. “But over time, as I communicated with the other people in the blogging communities, it started to really get to know me as Lexie Lane. I couldn’t publish a book and have it be called something completely different because I would confuse my audience. ”

The author/blogger’s real name is Karlyn Bishop