Council Okays Appointments

ASUCI Legislative Council voted to approve a series of appointments within student government for the 2013-2014 school year on Tuesday, Oct. 22. The council meeting also included a discussion on B49-03, a legislation to fund Social Ecology Week, and R49-21, legislation confirming The Office of the President’s staff appointees for the 2013-2014 year, which passed during this meeting as well.

Student government appointments included Jordanna Montiero to elections commissioner and Stephanie Cheng, Kruti Shah and Alex Le as deputy elections commissioners. The new elections commissioner and three elections deputies will begin their term before the fall quarter elections during Week 8.

Jordanna Montiero, a fourth-year public health science major, spoke to the council about her goals as elections commissioner.

“Plans for elections this year is increasing the voter tally, getting more people out there and getting more people involved in the process, and making good fair elections,” Montiero said.

Alex Le, a second-year criminology major and deputy elections commissioner of publicity, spoke of his plans as well.

“[I’m] looking forward to using the better funding that they got to better publicize,” Le said.

The council also decided to allocate $500 from unallocated funds to fund Social Ecology Week, which is set to take place Week 7 (Nov. 18-20). It is a week-long series of events and activities to promote the School of Social Ecology. It will have events such as a Fondue Night and guest speakers and is free to the public. Representatives from the School of Social Ecology help to put on the event and are glad for the help from the Legislative Council.

The School of Social Ecology representative Keith Domon, a third-year psychology and social behavior and sociology double-major, was supportive of the measure and seconded the resolution with Academic Affairs Vice President Skyla Zhang. He is glad that the Legislative Council is helping with the event.

“This time I am glad that we [Legislative Council] are using it [money] for the purpose of promoting Social Ecology Week, especially for the school and everything. I think it would be a great way to give exposure to Social Ecology as well,” Donmon said.

The Council also approved other staff appointments within ASUCI. With the passage of R49-21 the Legislative Council formally recognizes the appointment of staff members for the Office of the President. Their names, as well as all Legislation voted on by the Legislative Council, can be found on ASUCI’s website.