Bomer Continues to Command “Collar”

After a jaw-dropping Season 4 finale and the agonizing hiatus that ensued, the fifth season of “White Collar,” was welcomed with open arms into the homes of wannabe-FBI-agents everywhere.

Four seasons since its premiere, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) is still able to con his way into the hearts of viewers and keep them waiting for more anxiety-inducing episodes with cases handled by New York’s White Collar division.

Courtesy of USA Television

Courtesy of USA Television

“White Collar” profiles the life of FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), an extremely successful and cherished agent of New York City’s White Collar Department. After chasing Neal Caffrey for 10 years, Burke finally catches the world-renowned con artist and smooth-talker, allowing him to serve his prison term as an FBI consultant.

Neal Caffrey and his conspiracist best friend, Mozzie (Willie Garson), live together in New York balancing their on-the-book and off-the-book endeavors in the midst of Neal’s rather unconventional situation.

Since Season 4 of “White Collar” ended back in March, there were high expectations for the first episode of the new season. One of the main contributors to “White Collar’s” success as a TV show is the leading actor: Matt Bomer. Throughout the show’s run, Bomer’s natural ease, charm and humor have accentuated all the qualities of his character in a near-perfect manner.

Not only does Bomer shine individually, but he also continues to display superb chemistry with all of his co-stars, specifically DeKay and Garson. DeKay’s awkwardness in the show works well with his character, but is reminiscent of a dad trying to have an odd conversation with his teenage daughter. Luckily, Bomer shines enough for both of them.

While the first episode brought a lot of uncomfortable change, the following episodes have proven that the show is evolving and is more dynamic than before.

This season, viewers get a deeper look into supporting characters, such as Mozzie and agent Diana Barrigan (Marsha Thomason). Incorporating vulnerability into their characters by finally revealing Mozzie’s real name, following Barrigan’s pregnancy and Jones’ promotion, it shows good character development and makes them seem like actual humans with real problems.

While “White Collar” fits the mold of your typical USA Network TV show the dynamic nature of the characters and relationships truly sets this show apart from any TV show with attractive people in suits. While the new season had a bumpy start, the new relationships and character development prove that the best is yet to come.


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