Council Elects New Speaker

ASUCI Legislative Council elected a new speaker on Thursday, Oct. 31, after the original speaker of this quarter stepped down on Tuesday.

Phuc Pham | New University

Phuc Pham | New University

Social Science Representative Lauren Hineman was elected to replace speaker pro tempore Reza Zomorrodian after he suddenly resigned to fill a vacant Resident Assistant position in Mesa Court. The RA meetings would have conflicted with his Legislative council schedule.

The speaker pro tempore is elected every quarter by the council. Zomorrodian has served as speaker for the previous two quarters. The speaker’s duties are setting the agenda, chairing the meeting and resolving conflict within the meeting.

Hineman will maintain her status of Social Science Representative, but the speaker duties will be added to her list of responsibilities.

Her term as speaker will last until the end of the quarter. There will be another speaker election in winter quarter.

“Reza took a great step in making what [the council does] more transparent. I’d like to take that step up and really make sure our constituents know what is happening in advance because we have some great advocacy work coming up,” Hineman said.

“I honestly think we have such a great group of council members this year that have really diverse advocacy plans. I’d like our students to know what is happening and be able to participate at meetings.”

Before Hineman was elected to fill the position, Zomorrodian suggested that Patrick Chen from the Rules Committee perform the speaker duties.

Other council members who were considered for the role were Tarun Patel, one of the representatives for the School of Engineering; Keith Domon, one of the Social Ecology representatives and David Hollingsworth, a representative at large. Each of these members refused consideration for the speakership.

In addition to electing a new speaker, the council also discussed the upcoming bill B49-08, which would be a by-law amendment to divest from fossil fuels.

This legislation, written by Patel, would establish new monetary policy that no ASUCI money will be directly invested into fossil fuels.

After debating the implementation and practicality of this legislation, it was tabled for one week. The council will vote on the bill during their meetings next week.

Legislative council meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. in Woods Cove Ballroom B and C. They are open to members of the public.