Transportation and Distribution Officer Offends Many with Posts


A guard working for UC Irvine’s Transportation and Distribution Services was discovered to have posted racially insensitive and offensive pictures on instagram and Facebook, according to a news report by CBS.
Carlos Vasquez, a 31 year old parking officer working for the Transportation and Distribution Services allegedly posted neo-Nazi and racist messages including several pictures of swastikas online on his instagram account. Using the name “clos-vaz,” Vasquez allegedly made remarks offensive to African Americans, Jews, and other groups.
News of Vasquez’s activities has brought criticism from students on campus according to the CBS news report.
Administrators at UC Irvine have forced Vasquez to take a temporary leave. Transportation and Distribution Services did not comment on Vasquez’s actions but posted a statement on their website on Friday Nov. 1.
“Dear Campus Community:
It was brought to our attention, by a news media outlet, that offensive material was discovered on an employee’s personal social media site. This individual is currently on leave and an investigation is underway. Several campus units are assisting in the investigation to ensure an impartial process. We realize that you may have concern over the nature of the situation and we appreciate your understanding and patience at this time.”
Those who knew Vasquez were surprised that he could do such a thing. Kristen Gordon, a third year urban studies major worked with Vasquez, said “but honestly, he was always very polite and cordial,” on Facebook. Later she stated “I honestly would’ve never known nor did I really believe the story at first.”
Morgan Williams, a fourth year drama major also responded to Vasquez’s actions over Facebook. “He needs to realize the error of his ways and how his actions have hurt the Jewish population at UCI. At the least, he definitely needs to be put on probation of some sort.”
Vasquez’s future at UC Irvine remains uncertain.