NFL Midseason Report


It’s amazing how fast the 2013 NFL season has gone so far. Through a mass of surprises, disappointments, huge swarm of key injuries and much more, it’s hard to list every notable aspect of the season’s first half. Instead of doing a set of predictions for the second half of the season, I’m going to list the three moments that I think have stood out the most so far.

Bummer to be a Florida Fan

If you’re an NFL fan that has an allegiance to a Florida team, I definitely feel your pain. Out of the three teams in the state, the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars have each won only one game, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still remain winless.

There isn’t much to be said in terms of solutions for Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, and I think even firing their coaches isn’t going to do much. On the other hand, I’m still surprised Tampa Bay hasn’t fired Greg Schiano yet. At this point though, all these two teams can do at this point is prepare early to cash in for a top pick in next year’s draft

One Injury After Another

I can’t think of another year that has had as many key injuries halfway through a season as  this one has.  To name a few,  Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub, Brian Cushing and Reggie Wayne have suffered injuries that have either taken them out for multiple games, or the season. The worst of these is Rodgers, whose back-up, Seneca Wallace, will have to start in his place for several games, and also boasts one of the worst current QB win/loss records in the league.

On the other hand, some key injuries haven’t proven to be as bad as imaginable. Even without Reggie Wayne, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has found a fine stride with speedy wide receiver T.Y. Hilton. Another big surprise in the AFC has been Chargers’ wide-out Keenan Allen, who has done a superb job at filling in the shoes of season-ending injured receivers Malcom Floyd and Danario Alexander.

Wild, Wild AFC West

Who would have ever thought that the Kansas City Chiefs, who went 2-14 last season, have already won over quadruple the amount of games they’ve won this year under the guidance of new veteran head coach Andy Reid. The team’s defense has been red-hot since Week 1, and their offense has done a decent job at moving the ball downfield. Though the team hasn’t had a challenging opponent to play this season so far, that will certainly change once they play their division foe, the Denver Broncos.

Apart from an inconsistent defense, Denver has had profound success with elite QB Peyton Manning guiding their notoriously powerful hurry-up offense. Manning is building up stats that could be career highs for him come the end of the season, and his firm offensive leadership is more than enough to make the Broncos a die-hard postseason contender.

The first half of the 2013 NFL season has been one continuous rollercoaster ride week after week, and it’ll be no surprise that the second half will produce as many, if not more memorable moments in the very unpredictable path it has produced so far.