ASUCI Holds Fall Elections

The voting period for the Fall 2013 ASUCI Elections took place last week from 9 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 18, until 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21. The elections occurred in order to find representatives for the following open seats on the ASUCI Legislative Council: Biological Sciences (2), At-Large (2), Social Science (1), Engineering (1), Social Ecology (1), Physical Sciences (1), Business (1), Humanities (1) and Arts (1).

The purpose of the Legislative Council is to approve the budget for the fiscal year, make decisions on legislations brought to them and to approve or reject recommendations for amending the ASUCI Constitution, Legislative Council By-Laws and the Elections Code. The council members also work to address the concerns of their constituents and meet with the deans of their respective schools each quarter.

This quarter, seven declared candidates decided to run in order to fulfill these duties. Listed in random order, Alexander Fung ran as Business Representative; Grecia Cruz ran as Arts Representative; Oliver Dabalos ran for At-Large Representative; Sogand Kavianpour and Liangyin Guo ran for Engineering Representative; and Kaissel Kaija Bermudo and Negin Fatahi ran for Social Sciences Representative.

“I stand for educating students on the importance of campus engagement in student rights, promoting social and economic justice, and advocating respect and tolerance for human diversity,” Business Representative candidate Alexander Fung said in his statement.

Arts Representative candidate Grecia Cruz has already served in this position for one term, and hopes to be re-elected in order to keep working on the projects she was pursuing.

“During my time on the council, I have been able to write legislation that has helped bring funding to clubs in our school,” she said. “I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to work on ensuring that our school is being represented and that everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard.”

As for At-Large Representative candidate Oliver Dabalos, he hopes to bring transparency between administration and the students on campus.

For the two Engineering Representative candidates, Kavianpour wants to bring a new side to engineering because she says that not many women are present in this field. The other candidate, Guo, was not available for a statement.

For the Social Sciences candidates, Bermudo hopes to “act as a platform for open dialogue between our school and the other schools on our campus. The other candidate, Fatahi, wants to make sure that “social science students are represented well and that their voices are heard in the politics of their campus.”

The results of this election will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 26. At the time of publication, the winners were not available — please check our website at for an updated version of this story once the results are released.