Carla’s Corner: ”That Athlete”

Let’s be honest, every sport has “that” kind of player; the impulsive fighter, the rags to riches, the hotshot, the club hopper and the 40-year-old undergraduate. Here are the five people you meet in sports in reference to professional soccer.

5. The Balotelli

Every team has that one player who’s so arrogant, so violent, and so erratic that many teams consider him more of a liability than an asset. This player is The Mario Balotelli, also known as Super Mario, who currently plays for AC Milan and has faced a three-match ban since September for the red card he received for using “intimidating and insulting” language to the referee during a game against Manchester City.

4. The Little Lionel

The Little Lionel of a team is the player who’s started from nothing and has now made it incredibly big. Coming from a life of poverty, The Little Lionel is now incredibly wealthy and well-known through his exquisite talent. Lionel Messi, originally from Argentina, moved to Spain at the age of 13 after FC Barcelona agreed to pay for his hormone-deficiency treatments; he now makes about 16 million US dollars, after taxes, just from FC Barca.

3. The Pique

There is no shame in knowing you’re good looking, and every team seems to have that one incredibly attractive athlete who embraces his good looks, just like FC Barcelona’s Gerard Pique. The Pique is talented, built, and hard-working, but often makes unexplainable errors during a match, possible because his attention is drawn to his girlfriend in the stands whose hips just don’t lie.

2. The Ibrahimovic

The Ibrahimovic is the club hopper of the game. This player just can’t seem to find a team that suits him right, and every now and then makes his mark on a new team. Ibrahimovic has played for six different teams in the past decade or so, including Malmo FF, AFC Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and now plays for Paris Saint Germain, PSG.

1. The Giggs

Okay, Ryan Giggs is not a 40-year-old undergraduate; he’s 39. There’s always that one player who just doesn’t seem to graduate the sport. Ryan Giggs is the only player whose played longer than The Premiere League has existed.


And there you have it; the five types of athletes you’ll find on most teams. Have any comments or suggestions? Email us at