Rolling on the ‘Ground’ Laughing

With the series finale of “The Office” just this past May, Bill Lawrence and Greg Malins bring a new kind of comedy series to TBS, set in a business skyscraper. Starring Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Astin, Briga Heelan and John C. McGinley, “Ground Floor” is a refreshing comedy that incorporates an ill-fated love into the work environment.

Brody Moyer (Astin) is a successful banker who works on the 32nd floor at Whitestone Trust. He is a star on the rise, the boss’s protégée, and fallen for someone who is beneath him — literally. Jenny Miller (Heelan) is a maintenance worker for the building, who works on the ground floor. Brody’s boss, Remington Mansfield (McGinley) does not approve of these star-crossed lovers on the basis that they are from two different social classes. The show basically portrays the two very different working classes, one being a cutthroat, intellectual competitor, the other being care-free, someone who lacks any motivation in the work place.

Astin successfully nails the role of successful banker next in line for the boss’s job, while still dealing with relationship issues. The show incorporates some of his skills seen in Pitch Perfect, which is always entertaining. Heelan plays the nonchalant, “I think like a dude” woman who is happy where her life is. McGinley…well McGinley speaks like he hasn’t quite gotten used to his dentures yet. He adds many moments of comic relief, similar to that when he starred in “Scrubs,” but it is hard to take him seriously as a tyrant-kind of boss.

On the other hand, this show would be nothing without its supporting cast. Rene Gube plays Mike Wen, Brody’s colleague who is constantly trying to win over Mansfield’s approval. In his attempt to prove his worthiness, Gube ends up adding additional comic relief, playing off his Asian roots and facial expressions that face muscles just do not make. Rory Scovel plays Mark “Harvard” Drake, who is in the pit with Jenny. He is also very openly in love with Jenny, creating this comedic love triangle. He is the Dwight of the show, adding remarks that just make you laugh, but also make you wonder where that thought originated.

“Ground Floor” made its debut Nov. 14, airing three shows since, all that have deemed promising. Its aspects of ill-fated love, the comedy that comes with working in an office setting, and its combination of energetic characters makes the show work as a solid entry to TBS’s comedy line-up. Start your weekend early on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. with “Ground Floor” on TBS.


RECOMMENDED: Bill Lawrence succeeds yet again in creating a unique comedy series that delivers the laughs.