Students Showcase Their Creative Arts

Poetry, art, food, music and magic; this year’s Art Lab calls students to “Be Extraordinary” and to display their own uniqueness in their own way. The event was held outside at the Student Center Terrace on Wednesday, Nov. 20, where several students took the stage performing their own original artworks, consisting of singing, acoustic performances, poetry, or rap.

During the night, event coordinator Farrah Billah, shared her vision for the Mural Movement project. The Mural Movement is meant to give students a collective space to express themselves through painting and art, to be a representation of the diversity that exists on campus. It is drafted and painted “by the students and for the students.”

Jenae Galang, a fourth-year psych and social behavior major and literary journalism minor, performed a spoken word piece called “Bittersweet.” She took her inspiration from the Kanye West song of the same name, in which she poetically described a broken relationship that went wrong.  Her performance was raw and honest, expressing her deep hurts and sentiments through the powerful inflections in her voice and many hand gestures to amplify the emotion behind the words.

“I started writing as a way to release all the pent up emotions and tension I had in a healthy way,” Galang said. “I think everyone has the potential to be great; however I also believe that people will only achieve as much as they believe they deserve.”

Another featured artist was second-year Johnny Huang, a rapper whose style is an eclectic mix of songs that he takes from the radio and makes his own beat and raps to it. At the Art Lab, he performed a song called “Dreamers,” in which he described his obstacles and stresses in life, but how he still desired to pursue his dreams.

Another artist, Ashley Slack, is a second-year drama major, and is an aspiring Disney/professional touring musician. She performed a song on guitar called “Somewhere, Something, Someone.” This original song was about the frustrations that come with rejection and the beauty of overcoming to achieve one’s dreams. Slack herself has experienced an unfortunate turn of events in getting rejected from Disney, but she keeps trying because she believes that someday she will be casted in a show or become one of the princesses at Disney.

“I think people can be extraordinary by being true to themselves,” Ashley said. “Being genuine to yourself and your passions takes a lot of courage, but it eventually adds up to you becoming this spark of life that can ignite and inspire so many other to do the same.”