Elections Coming Soon

The ASUCI Legislative Council voted and approved a “Special Election” for one of the seats representing the School of Engineering for the Council and did not come to consensus regarding the failure of the Arts representative to get reelected at their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 26, at Woods Cove B in the Student Center.

The elections for fall quarter took place during week eight but were complicated by violations of election codes by candidates running for the school of engineering.

“The candidate who received the highest number of votes was disqualified and the second candidate submitted a statement of withdrawal,” Jordana Monteiro, the ASUCI elections commissioner, said.

According to Monteiro, the position for engineering representative will not be filled due to the disqualification of the top candidate and the withdrawal of the runner-up without a special election or a nomination. In the event of a disqualification or withdrawal of one or more candidates, a runoff election is recommended by ASUCI in accordance with the ASUCI Elections Codes.

Councilmembers debated over two courses of action: whether to appoint a new representative through an interview process or to hold a special runoff election between multiple candidates.

After debating the issue, Resolution R49-43 was drafted and passed by a vote of 16-0 with two abstaining to hold “Special Elections” for the School of Engineering seat on the council.

The special elections will be held by ASUCI at a time in the future that is to be determined by the Legislative Council. Only students in the School of Engineering will be allowed to vote for their representative. Applications will be available to students in the School of Engineering to apply for the election by ASUCI at a future date.

The election for the arts school representative was also problematic. The School of Arts representative ran for reelection but according to the elections results, no one from the arts school voted in the election. Even the representative first-year Grecia Cruz did not vote for “personal reasons.”

Montiero believes the problem should be solved by an interview and not a “Special Election.”

“Since there is not really anything in the elections code that mentions zero votes it is the recommendation of the elections committee to have that position instead of going to a special elections or a runoff go straight to interviews,” Montiero said.

Social Sciences representative Gabriel Sanchez supported Montiero’s recommendation saying that an election would be a waste of time and resources.

“I question whether having another election is a waste of our resources. That’s kind of the hard thing that I’m confronted with, I mean I think that our Art’s representative is an amazing person.”

Others on the Council agreed but they did not vote on the matter. The decision was made to delay action until a later date due to time constraints. Whether the seat for the School of Arts representative will be filled for winter quarter has yet to be determined. According to Cruz, the arts school has had periods as long as five years where they did not have a representative on the Legislative Council.