Saturday, July 11, 2020
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An Anteater’s Resolution

By Carla Kekejian
Staff Writer

The start of a new year brings a new set of resolutions; whether they’re things we hope to accomplish this year, goals we strive to reach, or habits we try to kick off. However, it seems as the year progresses, our resolutions disappear into a black hole of despair. What happens as the days go by that make us forget the boundless aspirations we set for ourselves at the start of the New Year? Do we give up, or do we just lose interest after a while?

A part of me feels as though, at some point, it gets too hard to reach these high goals we set for ourselves. But if they were goals we didn’t think we could reach, we wouldn’t have set them in the first place. So really, there is no excuse.

My main New Year’s resolution seems to always go unachieved, as I’ve resolved to lose about 20 to 25 pounds every year since ninth grade. I come from a family who loves to cook and lives to feed; so somewhere amongst that, schoolwork, Netflix, and my dislike of gym exercises, I fail to achieve my New Year’s resolution each and every year. But this year, I seek to take advantage of all the unique exercise opportunities available. I’m through with excuses and laziness. So here goes.

Gyms are intimidating, which make working out utterly difficult; at least from my perspective. Walking in, all I see are fit people getting fitter.  As I walk over to the weights to work on my biceps, I feel as though I’m surrounded strictly by muscular people, flaunting their fit arms at me as they embrace their 30 pound weights while I reach for the five pounder. Somewhere from the weight lifting body builders to what seems to me as an Olympic runner in training on the treadmill next me, I get discouraged, yet a bit envious. I also get bored “doing” gym workouts. Maybe that’s why I don’t return.

I may not like gyms very much, but I do enjoy the ARC (Anteater Recreation Center). So this year, I resolve to go to the ARC more. Chances are I won’t be on the elliptical, or doing crunches on the mat, but I’ll be getting just as good a workout.

The ARC offers group fitness classes, such as Zumba, Studio Cycling, “Cardio Dance Blast” and so many others that’ll have you working out, without feeling like you have to force yourself to.  The ARC’s various group fitness classes are offered throughout the day, so there is sure to be a class available during an hour that fits your schedule best.  A one hour workout class; that’s about the time it takes to turn on a laptop, open-up Netflix, and watch a 45 minute show (without a Facebook interruption).  I think it’s very much doable.

The ARC also offers intramural sport tournaments. So grab a few friends and start an intramural team; between soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, track, softball and dodge ball, I’m sure there’s a sport that fits right for you. It’s a fun, competitive way to get fit.

I consider dance a sport. You’d be surprised how much of a workout dancing is. Join a dance group. I did. It’s fun, it’s a great workout, and you’ll make new friends. Whether it’s Ballroom Dance, Tango, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, or Break Dance, the ARC’s classes will have you dancing toward fitness. You can also take advantage of dance classes at Clair Trevor. I’m taking ballet this quarter. Why not? You’ll get a workout, learn a new dance and get two units.

A part of me hopes that publishing my resolution will be a constant reminder for me to make it a reality.

Here’s to hoping.