For The Good Of The Executive Branch

I have to admit to a bit of a mea culpa of sorts for my previous examinations of the US government as well as our current president, Barack Obama. I feel I have been too harsh in my critiques, too hardheaded in my examinations, too near-sighted in my predictions. The government is all-good and Barack knows best. I trust him. Why won’t you?

If your government labels someone as being on the same level as  Benedict Arnold, you believe them. True patriots would never be accused of such treason.

Case in point, the US government has accused Edward Snowden of treason and has reasonable cause to prosecute him as a traitor of this fine nation. By subverting the National Security Agency, one of, if not the most, necessary arms of government, Snowden has compromised national security, deteriorated relations with foreign nations, but most importantly has impinged upon the privacy of this fine nation’s government.

A true patriot stands with his or her country throughout all its hardships and triumphs. A true patriot defends his country in all circumstances, regardless of the cost.

Only a traitor would leave the nation in a compromised state while retreating to China and Russia in search of political asylum. Only a traitor would continue releasing confidential information regarding private and classified matters pertinent to the functioning of the government. Only a traitor would commit all these heinous acts and still consider himself a hero and a true patriot.

He claimed it was his moral obligation, his duty, to do this. All he has revealed is that the government is collecting useless information on its citizens. If you’re doing nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to fear. Right? And to think some people believe Obama and the NSA are subverting the Bill of Rights, specifically the Fourth Amendment. That’s entirely laughable.

What is worse, he was considered for Time Magazine’s person of the year. Imagine that! A traitor accused of treason considered one of the most influential people of the year. Luckily, he lost out to Pope Francis.

Snowden is no hero. He is no patriot. He is a coward among the ranks of the Arnolds, the Iscariots, the Brutuses.

It’s high time we get behind this great administration. We need to support the Executive Branch of government, particularly in this great time of need. We cannot let cowards like Snowden ruin our great nation. We need to rally around our personal Lord and Savior Barack Obama. We need to trust the Obamas, the Kerrys, the Clintons, the Pelosis, the Napolitanos of the world. They know what is best for us, not some goofball hiding in Russia who is worried about our personal liberties.

Forget your personal liberties. Forget Snowden. Forget the Constitution. Put your faith in Obama and the US government.



David Vu is a fourth-year public health policy major. He can be reached at .