Legislative Council Reviews ASUCI Budget

Members of the ASUCI executive branch presented their budgets to the legislative council on Thursday, Jan. 16 during their meeting in Woods Cove B and C.

One of the notable expenses was Shocktoberfest, which went more than $9,000 over budget. The reason for the deficit was a higher than average police costs and increased activities needed to secure the event. If the police budget had gone as planned, Shocktoberfest would have net an estimated profit of $6,000, according to Dominique Doan, the vice president of student services.

The Office of Student Services also reported that Welcome Week went $12,718 over budget. They have asked the Chancellor to donate money to alleviate the cost of some of the charity events put on during Welcome Week. The Office of Student Services has held one rally this quarter and has three more planned for the rest of the academic year. In addition to rallies, the Office of Student Services has spent $3,783.30 on movie nights. The major expenses of holding a movie night is purchasing the rights to the movies and hiring a projectionist, according to Doan. Additionally, the budget for Soulstice is currently estimated at $3,000.

The Office of the President is planning on investing in new shirts and updated brochures for the “Language is Powerful Campaign.” The Office of the President is making the brochures longer and asked for input from several on campus organizations. The quotes for the cost of this project are expected to be released sometime next week.

The Office of the President is also holding two more ArtLabs this quarter. The estimated cost of these events will be approximately $130 per ArtLab. The major expenses for holding ArtLabs is for the room, audio equipment, and for the giant canvas that attendees can paint on as part of the event.

The Office of Academic Affairs is planning on spending $23,000 to have Kal Penn come speak at UC Irvine on March 5. According to Skyla Zhang, the vice president of academic affairs, the school will get the money back by selling tickets to the event. The Office of Academic Affairs also has “The Walking Dead” presentation planned for this week.

The Office of the Executive Vice President went over budget by $3,000 for the Students of Color Congress (SOCC) and University of California Student Association’s Congress (UCSA). Executive Vice President Melissa Gamble is planning to balance the budget by transferring funds, of which there is a surplus in the account for travel expenditures.

The Office of Administrative Affairs announced that there will be one vendor fair this quarter to be held the week of Feb. 10. There will also be two more vendor fairs held in Spring Quarter. The Office of Administrative Affairs will also be holding the ASUCI Open House on Tuesday of this week. The Open House is open to all students so they can learn about ASUCI.