Friday, June 5, 2020
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Governor Brown Appoints New UC Regents to Board

Governor Jerry Brown announced on Jan. 17 his appointments to the University of California Regents board to fill upcoming vacancies. The new appointees were Hollywood financial expert Richard Sherman and Monica Lozano, the CEO of ImpreMedia LLC, the company that owns the Spanish newspaper LA Opinion, and former Regent member from 2001 till 2013. These appointments will fill two vacancies that have been open since 2013.

Governor Brown also reappointed two members of the board, Richard C. Blum and Norman Pattiz, who are 78 and 70, respectively. Blum, who is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and a successful investment banker, has been  part of the board since 2002.  Pattiz, a successful broadcasting entrepreneur has been serving since 2001. Both men were appointed by former governor Grey Davis.

The UC Regents board is responsible for the daily operation of the University of California system and oversees all 10 UC campuses. The board consists of 26 members of whom 18 are regents appointed by the governor for 12-year terms. The board also consists of seven ex-officio members from the state government and  the governor himself, the lieutenant governor and other state representatives as mandated by Article Nine of the State Constitution. The board is required to meet six times a year, or once every two months to set policies and manage affairs that affect most or all University of California campuses.

The appointees must be confirmed by the State Senate and therefore must wait until then when they can officially take their positions. If they are confirmed, the board will have 16 of 18 positions filled, though this is more than the 12 required to vote on important matters.


UCI Becomes the Fourth Most Popular for UC Applicants

UC Irvine became the fourth most popular UC campus according to application numbers, according to a University of California report. UC Irvine received more applications than UC Santa Barbra, who was fourth last year but less than UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego respectively.

According to the report, 82,450 applicants applied to UC Irvine during the application period from Nov. 1-30. Of the applicants, 66,426 applied to become freshmen, while 16,024 transfer students applied as well. According to the University of California statistics, UC Irvine was the fifth most popular for incoming freshman and fourth most popular campus overall.

Notifications of admission status will be sent out on Mar. 1 by the University of California system. Last year, UC Irvine accepted 24,968 freshman and 6,834 transfer students out of an application pool of 76,235 applicants, of whom 60,678 applied to be freshman and 13,731 were transfer students. During the same period, UCLA accepted 16,177 out of 80,494 freshman applications and 4,665 out of 16,035 transfer student applications.

Application rates to UC Irvine and the other campuses in the University of California system have been steadily increasing throughout the years, whether this is due to the prestige of the universities or the higher demand for a college education is difficult to determine.

UC Irvine has been named the best college under 50 years old in America by Times Higher Education and the fifth best in the world for the same category. The Center for World University Rankings ranked UC Irvine 43rd  in the U.S. and65th in the world overall ahead of such universities as Arizona State, Brown University, Dartmouth University and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).