ASUCI Hosts Open House

Between 40 and 50 people showed up for the ASUCI Open House held by the Executive Branch on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

The event was organized by the ROAR (Recruitment Outreach and Retention) commission of the Office of Administrative Affairs. The goal of the ROAR commission is to introduce students to ASUCI and to show appreciation of existing student staff. This event was intended to introduce students to ASUCI by allowing students to communicate directly with top officers.

The Office of Administrative Affairs, headed by Tony Tizcareño, does a variety of things on campus, such as running the community garden in Arroyo Vista, putting together the vendor fairs that happen once or twice a quarter and organizing Anteaters In Action community service events. The three main things that Administrative Affairs deals with are housing, parking and transportation and dining.

The Office of the President, led by ASUCI President Nicole Hisatomi, deals with administrative issues. The different branches are Campus Climate, Transparency, ArtLab, Films and Policy Analysis. Campus Climate works to make our campus more inclusive. Transparency works to educate students about actions that administration is taking. The ArtLab Commission puts on all of the ArtLabs that are on campus. The Films branch places all of the videos on YouTube and the ASUCI website. The Policy Analysis Team assists the President by analyzing policy line by line and figuring out what the implications would be for students.

The Office of the Executive Vice President, led by Melissa Gamble, divides her office into six different branches. These branches are National, State, Local, Elections, Labor and Campus Action Team. The office has two Chiefs of Staff, one for external affairs and one for internal affairs. The National, State and Local branches are considered external affairs. They focus on lobbying at the national and state governments and the local branch does community outreach. Internal affairs focuses on matters directly pertaining to UCI and consists of the Elections Commission, Labor Branch and the Campus Action Team. The Elections Commission handles the ASUCI elections. The Labor Branch organizes solidarity actions around workers rights and labor issues. For example, the Labor Branch worked to educate students about labor issues and get students out to the unfair labor practices strike held by AFSCME 3299 that took place in November. The Campus Action Team engages in student advocacy work. To be a part of the EVP office “it is important to be educated on certain issues, [but] a lot of the political education comes from within the office,” Gamble said.

The Office of Student Services, headed by Dominque Doan, deals with student life by planning events such as Shocktoberfest and the recent MLK Day of Service. They also put on Wayzgoose and the Defend the Bren events. The Office of Student Services has within it the Student Affairs Commission and the Athletics Commission.

The Office of Academic Affairs, headed by Skyla Zhang, plans academic enrichment events for students. One of the goals of the Office of Academic Affairs is to cultivate leadership across campus. The Office consists of six commissions: Academic Engagement, Academic Senate, the Anteater Mentorship Program, Internal Publishing, Visions Leadership and Speakers and Debate. The Academic Engagement office put on the Observatory Night last quarter. The goal of that event was to allow students to enjoy the resources and to meet the physical science professors. The Academic Senate is a governing body that consists of professors and administration that dictate what students can do. The Anteater Mentorship Program, also known as AMP, is a one to one mentorship program that educates students about the knowledge of the campus. The Internal Publishing designs the posters and promotions for ASUCI. The Visions Leadership Commission teaches students about leadership. The Speakers and Debate Commission enriches students by bringing outside voices in to speak to students directly. This upcoming quarter, The Speakers and Debate Commission have arranged for actor Kal Penn to come speak to students.

For students looking to get involved with ASUCI, there are applications posted online whenever there is a vacancy.