ART Lab Features Works on Privilege

Students stopped by with their backpacks, books and bags at the end of their long school days in the midst of midterms to hear the amplified harmonies of echoing voices at the Student Center Terrace on the evening of Jan. 29. A quarterly event, the ART Lab is intended to be an open space for the creative expression of our talented student body.

There was a wide variety of art as student artists came together to sing and display their paintings, drawings and other works of art. ASUCI put on ART Lab hoping to offer students a chance to share their art in a free and open space, offering open mic. spots over the course of the evening allowing for impromptu creativity. ASUCI was hoping to create an appreciation of the arts by offering and displaying public art allowing for more accessibility for creative and imaginative inspiration.

The evening started out with acoustic guitarists and singers Blake Thiessen and Kurt Kline. Singers like Jazzmine Farol and Steve Grossman won over students passing by and the audience.

Offering free pizza slices at the beginning of the evening, students were encouraged to check out the work produced by their peers. A long, rectangular sign hung from a canopy to the left of the stage that read in large, black painted letters the word “PRIVILEGE.” Students were encouraged to stop by to decorate the sign with something that might strike them while under the influence of inspiration. Paints and decoration materials were provided.

Other artists, such as Addie Whittet and Richard Lee, had their visual art displayed on a billboard to the left of the stage. One of the larger paintings, Calvin and Hobbes inspired, by Whittet, was a favorite, with students cooing, “Aw, Calvin and Hobbes!” Scratchboard etchings and black and white photos alongside paintings of trees and abstract images also made for a thought-provoking visual experience as students would lean in closely and observe.