A Voice for the Mute

Cuck Fancer is the name of a non-profit organization that aims to help young adult cancer survivors get back on their feet after a long battle against one of the primary culprits for youth deaths all over the world.

Courtesy of Marlon Castillo

Courtesy of Marlon Castillo

Three-time cancer survivor Ben Teller started Cuck Fancer when he was only 18 years-old, and has been a strong advocate for the fight against cancer since.

“I started the organization to create awareness for young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. I feel that young adults have a lack of resources available to them,” Teller said.

“Children have their parents, adults have their families, and young adults are right inbetween.”

To Teller, and many others like him, this is not just about raising money — this organization is focused specifically on helping young adults take control of their lives after they face the toughest battle of their lives. The organization is 100 percent transparent in how they allocate the money that is raised through their fundraisers.

You’re probably wondering why you’re reading about a non-profit organization in the sports section. On April 6th, Cuck Fancer is hosting a 4-on-4 volleyball tournament at Newport Beach that aims to raise money, and more importantly raise awareness for all the young cancer survivors out there.

This week, Cuck Fancer is also giving UCI students the opportunity to help all those in need by providing a swab test, “Be the Match,” for all students on Tuesday at the Student Center.

The swab test is as simple as it sounds. A volunteer will take a cotton swab, place it in the student’s mouth, and add them to a database consisting of thousands of people. The test in no way obligates you to anything, and students are only contacted with the opportunity to help if a match is found.

Every so often, we are given opportunities to make a difference in a way that is truly remarkable. With just a cotton swab to the mouth, one of us could save a life.

Teller is just one among millions that have battled  against cancer, but each individual’s battle is only a small part of the greater picture; a brutal never-ending war against cancer that has taken too many lives. It is time that we fight back, and together we will make a difference. Be a part of the cure, be a part of something great, because cancer has no prejudice.


To find out other ways you can help, or if you are interested in participating in the 4-on-4 tournament, you can contact Ben Teller directly at ben@cuckfancer.com, or visit their website at www.cuckfancer.com for information on how to donate.