Lackluster End for ‘Suits’ Season 3

If there’s one network that is guaranteed to produce television shows that make you actually want to watch cable, it’s USA. After a fantastic and riveting third season of “Suits” wrapped up, last week’s season finale was disappointing, at best.

Season 3 was one of new relationships, changing leadership, and character development. Despite the big buildup, the finale was far too predictable and cleaned up for a season finale.

“Suits” follows the story of Mike Ross, a boy who conned his way into a law firm, then known as Pearson Hardman, that only hires Harvard Law graduates. Ross never attended Harvard Law School, let alone passed the bar. Senior partner Harvey Specter took Ross under his wing and has protected his protégé’s cover time and time again. The duo work together, maneuvering the dark side of the law in the most charming way possible.

If “Suits” sounds like a legal version of “White Collar,” that’s because for the most part, it is. However, one aspect of “Suits” that sets it apart from “White Collar” is the presence of strong, female lead characters, one of them being Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres, the intimidating, yet thoughtful, Managing Partner of the firm and has been since Season 1.

The foundation of the show isn’t the superhero team of Harvey and Mike, but rather their supporting characters. My favorite characters are “supporting” characters, whose personalities jump off of the screen. One of them, played by Rick Hoffman, is Louis Litt. Louis Litt is the character I love to hate, and this season was “Litt-Up” with plenty of moments that had me cringing, and laughing, for Louis.

The personal trauma Louis experiences, the ousting of Edward Darby and the relationship strides Mike and Rachel take are a few of the highs from this season. The only flaw in this season’s plot line was the introduction of Dana Scott, more commonly known as “Scottie,” played by Abigail Spencer.

Scottie, as Harvey’s love interest, broke the Specter Wall that the show has been building for three seasons now. Not only was this romance unnecessary to the plot line, but it also creates more complications that I, as the viewer, could not be more apathetic about.

Season 4 is slated to air in June, but with all loose ends tied up at the end of the fourth season, and a lackluster season finale, it’s difficult to imagine what the next season will hold. So suit up! Wait, wrong show.


ONLY RECOMMENDED IF: Season 3 of “Suits” has a great build-up, but ends with a finale that’s too safe for its own good.