Culture Night Calendar

UC Irvine’s diverse campus organizations are hosting their annual culture nights this quarter. Thus far, many organizations such as Kababayan, MIX at UCI and the Hawaii Club, to name a few have hosted cultural celebrations that have presented a wealth of talent and history on campus. Here are the upcoming culture nights for 2014.


Hmong Student Association: Hmong Student Association’s second annual culture night is “Ib Tsev Neeg,” which means “Family.” The event will feature a play called “Huab Tais Xya Leej Ntxhais,” which means “The King’s Seven Daughters.” It will explore the customs and contemporary issues within the Hmong Community in hopes to give the audience more insight into Hmong culture.

When: April 26 (5:30 p.m.)

Where: Crystal Cove Auditorium

Price: Free


Indian Sub-continental Club: The goal of the Indian Sub-continental Club at UCI is to unite the students of UC Irvine whose cultural roots come from that of the Indian Sub-continent: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The 28th annual Indian Sub-continental culture show, RANG DE- Bring Color Into Your Life, will showcase a variety of dance performances by its student community.

When: April 26 (6:30 p.m.)

Where: Irvine Barclay Theater

Price: $10-$15


Tomo No Kai: Established in 1977, Tomo No Kai (Association of Friends) at the University of California, Irvine is a social and culture club that strives to bring the Japanese/Japanese American culture to individuals on campus and to members of the surrounding community. This year’s culture night is a student-run performance, celebrating the Japanese/Japanese American culture with a skit, Tones (a singing group), Taiko (traditional Japanese drumming by Tomo’s sister organization, Jodaiko), modern dancing and Odori (a traditional Japanese dance). According to the site, “even though change may be inevitable, the culture remains a constant.”

 When: April 27 (5:00 p.m.)

Where: Irvine Barclay Theater

Price: $5



Thai Club: Thai Club’s fourth annual culture night is “Love at First Punch!” Serving pad thai and thai tea, profits made at the event will be donated to UNICEF Thailand. UNICEF works to keep children safe from abuse, neglect, discrimination, violence and exploitation. According to the site, UNICEF Thailand also ensures that children are protected and treated sensitively by laws enforced by the Royal Thai Government.

 When: May 4 (6:15 p.m.)

Where: Pacific Ballroom AB

Price: $5 presale, $8 at door


Korean Culture Night: The fourth annual Korean Culture Night is a student-run production and is the biggest collaborative effort by the Korean/American community on campus. The goal of KCN, hosted by Konnect and KASA, is to promote solidarity and friendship among the Korean/American student community, as well as to spread awareness about and celebrate Korean/American culture. The production aims to give life to the personal recollections of the community members through the fusion of comedy and theatrics.

When: May 9 (7:30 p.m.)

Where: Irvine Barclay Theater

Price: $8 presale, $10 online presale, $10 at door


Chinese Association: Chinese Association is a campus organization that invites those interested in Chinese culture to become closer as a group with events that focus on appreciating Chinese American culture and heritage. According to Culture Chair Jason Wan, this year’s culture night will address the topics of single parents and the negative stigmas often associated with being a “tiger mom.”

When: May 17 (6:00pm)

Where: Bren Events Center

Price: $8-$10 presale, $11-13 at door


Vietnamese Student Association: The Vietnamese Student Association’s Culture Night is a show in the form of a theatre play, which presents elements of Vietnamese culture. Incorporated in the play are other entertainment acts they feel best represent their culture. Culture Night has been tremendously valuable in achieving the organization’s goals by preserving yesterday’s traditions and incorporating a modern perspective of the evolving Vietnamese American culture with one directed storyline and performances such as traditional dances, skits, martial arts, vocal performances and lion dance.

When: May 18 (time TBA)

Where: Irvine Barclay Theater

Price: $10


Iranian Student Union: A Persian cultural campus organization at UCI, UCI’s Iranian Student Union is the most heavily populated Persian community outside of Iran. The organization hopes to spread awareness of their traditions through philanthropic and cultural events by bringing together Iranian-Americans and non-Iranians alike, to celebrate their heritage while promoting a strong sense of identity and community.

When: May 31 (7:30 p.m.)

Where: TBA

Price: $10 presale, $15 at door


If you know of any other UCI campus organization culture nights, please email us at