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I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Gold Digger: Rochelle Sterling’s Master Plan

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Donald Sterling is a despicable human being, and what he was recorded saying about African Americans, is unacceptable and completely out of line. However, I believe he was set up, and this is what I think happened:

Stiviano set up Donald Sterling, she is being paid by Rochelle (Shelly) Sterling, so Shelly gets half of what the Clippers sell for in their divorce settlement. The conversation between Sterling and STV is not a typical boyfriend girlfriend conversation, she baited him, and was way too politically correct, implying that she knew she was being recorded.

STV was probably convinced to bait Sterling by Shelly, who likely offered to drop her embezzlement lawsuit against Stiviano if she agreed to sabotage Donald Sterling.

If Shelly did not want the Clippers to sell, or Adam Silver to come down so harshly on Sterling, she would not have publicly confirmed that the voice on the recording was Sterling’s prior to it being confirmed by NBA officials. Shelly has distanced herself from Donald Sterling and his recent comments, even though she has sided with him in the past, and was part of a housing discrimination lawsuit, which Sterling eventually settled for $2.7 million.

Now, if the Clippers sell, it will be north of $1 billion dollars, and Shelly would get at least half of that in a divorce settlement, if not more considering now Donald has no real affiliation with the Clippers.

So basically…Shelly did it, unless…. Magic did it.

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