Dish List: Sessions Sandwiches

For those of you shacking it up in Newport Beach, you might want to try out Sessions Sandwiches, located right nearby the beach houses.

Courtesy of Katrina Yentch

Courtesy of Katrina Yentch

Having just opened less than three weeks ago, Sessions Sandwiches is still building its credibility, but it may just work its way up soon. A lot of people inside were people who simply happened to stumble upon the shop while casually driving home on Newport Boulevard. However, the interior and originality of the menu could certainly bring a solid crowd on the regular. The fact that it’s a good five-minute walk to the beach also makes it a pretty tempting offer.

Upon entering the shop, my friends and I felt as if we stepped into a quaint trendy coffee shop in Los Angeles. Clear jars of succulents line the shelves of the register, and a tasteful array of craft string lights hang from the ceiling. Underneath the lights are blue-green accent walls of shrubbery and modern art-esque pieces of wood. Toward the left wall sits a projector displaying YouTube videos and livestreams of the Newport Beach Coastline.

The place is overall tastefully stylish and ready to accommodate a simple clientele of five to six parties at a time. With the amount of time we spent looking around us, it practically came as a surprise when we remembered that we were there to eat sandwiches, since the location resembles the aesthetics of a coffee shop or those organic juice bars that seem to be popping up all over the place lately. After all, Sessions does proudly brew and serve a full coffee menu of Kean Coffee (a nearby roaster that is also located in Newport Beach).

While the interior of a location may be an important component of a shop, the menu, of course, is key. Sessions has a solid set of eight craft sandwiches, all of which have pretty whimsical names like “Baller” (a meatball marinara sandwich with provolone, basil aioli, arugula and razor onion on toasted ciabatta) and “Greatfella” (smoked ham sandwich with capicola, genoa salami, provolone, chow chow, razor onion cherry pepper, lettuce, vinaigrette and toasted ciabatta).

In addition to these name-driven treats, the menu also offers, again, Kean Coffee and “2 Leaves and a Bud Organic Teas,” gourmet hot dogs and a few meager salads for the calorie-counters. The sides are pretty unique also, including a craft potato salad of mustard seeds and German potatoes and homemade potato chips drowned in rosemary and parmesan.

I decided to try those chips and a Baller, while my friend tested the Sloppy Barney, a pulled pork sandwich with sweet and sour bbq sauce, pickled red onion, jalapeno jack, so cal slaw and ciabatta.

Overall, the sandwiches were rather hearty and delicious, and rightfully so. They cost around $8-10, so I was hoping I’d be full within the first six bites of my sandwich. It tasted how a meatball marinara sandwich should taste, but with a sweet and sour spin on it. The same goes for the Sloppy Barney sandwich, which also had a tang of sweet and sour in its BBQ.

The razor onions were to die for, as they had the perfect, sweet crunch without being too crunchy. They also settled into the bread fittingly, which was lightly toasted but not enough to scratch the roof of my mouth — the main reason I avoid gourmet sandwiches in general. The meat was plentiful, and I could actually see the beef past the shreds of lettuce and onions.

The chips were a little overwhelming; they started to get soggy after 15 minutes with the parmesan drowning them, but it’s a good attempt at doing something different. The hand-drawn “shaka brah” sign on the bag was a nice perk. All in all, Sessions is really good at creating sandwiches with a few twists to them toppings-wise.

As a whole, I find Sessions Sandwiches promising, but since they are just sandwiches, I don’t find much reason to drive out to Newport Beach just to eat there. Rather, it remains a convenient place to stop by on the way or after the beach. Anyone fancy a walk along the ocean?


Sessions Sandwiches


2823 Newport Beach Blvd Newport Beach, 92663

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7 a.m.-10 p.m.