News in Brief

Bus Love Survey Released

ASUCI Bus Love Board sent out a survey this week to determine student satisfaction of the buses and how student funds can be better allocated.
The Bus Love Board consists of a combination of ASUCI pro-staff, student representatives, and representatives from the campus housing communities. It determines the bus routes, frequency of stops, how funds are allocated for the Anteater Express.
The survey is required by legislation in the Bus Love Initiative which was passed last year. Currently students pay $8 per quarter towards to maintain the buses and increase access, next year the fee paid per quarter will go up to $16 (and will increase by $8 per year). Results of the survey will help determine which services and routes are popular and what needs improvement.
The survey will also help determine if maintenance, increased availability of buses on existing routes, or expanding the amount of routes. It also asks for input on services for those with disabilities, such as ring road rides (which provides rides to class for students who are temporarily or permanently disabled), and wheelchair accessibility on buses.
The survey will be open to students from May 16 until May 26 at 5 p.m. One participant chosen at random will win two tickets to Disneyland.
Reggaefest Replaced by Summerlands

The ASUCI Office of Student Services decided to replacing Reggaefest with a music festival featuring a new genre of music. Summerlands, the new event, will be held the Friday of Week 8 from 4-8 p.m., as opposed to Reggaefest which was held Week 10 in the middle of the day.
Relient K, Kina Grannis, and Milo Greene will be headlining the event with Baseline and Breach Summit opening.
According to the Office of Student Services only 300 people showed up to Reggaefest last year. The goal of the new event is to increase attendance for the third concert of the year and bring a new genre of music to UCI festivals.
The decision to change the event was based on 800-1,000 responses to a survey sent out this past summer. It found that that 80 percent of respondents did not want to go to Reggaefest with 40 percent of respondents citing a lack of interest in the event. Respondents also stated that they did not like fact that Reggaefest was scheduled during week 10, prompting the event to be moved to Week 8.
In addition to the music the event will also feature giveaways, food, vendors, and a photobooth. The event is free for undergraduate students, free for the first 300 graduate students and $10 for alumni and guests.