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UC Appoints New Student Regent for 2015

Abraham Oved, an economics student from UCLA and member of the UCLA Jewish Student Union and the Hillel Union, has been nominated to serve as UC Student Regent for the 2015-2016 school year, out of a pool of 38 candidates from nine UC campuses.
The UC Student Regent is an official representative of the student body across the UC System for the UC Regents, a body of officials appointed by the governor who set University of California policy and vote on all matters affecting the UC System. Once Oved accepts his role as student regent in July 2015 he will have voting power pending approval of the Regents.
“I hope to educate students on why the Board of Regents is relevant to them, and strengthen communications between students and the board so we can become a more efficient and united university system,” Oved said.
The UC Student Regent has voting power and is traditionally seen as the representative of the student body from all UC campuses. Their responsibilities include attending all bi-monthly UC Regent meetings, attending conferences and serving as an advocate for the student body on issues that arise throughout the year. The current UC Student Regent Cinthia Flores and future student regent for the 2014-2015 year Sadiah Saifuddin will be working with Oved until he assumes his position in June 2015 and are optimistic about working with him.
“I’m looking forward to working with him next year on issues of accessibility, affordability and quality that are the hallmarks of UC,” Saifuddin said.
Saifuddin, who is the first practicing Muslim to be appointed to the position has raised some fears that she will alienate Jewish students in the UC system, fears Oved hopes to dispel.
“I think it’s an absolutely beautiful statement for UC to have a Jewish student and a Muslim student work together regardless of religious or political or cultural differences, in order to improve higher education,” Oved said.
Instead Oved hopes he will perform his job well and looks to the future.
“I hope to be a liaison for students, faculty and administrators, and serve as their advocate.”