Monday, July 13, 2020
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Editorial: Farewell from the 2013-2014 Editorial Board

Wow! What a year! We can’t believe it’s finally over. We remember when we were just bitch-ass freshmen trying to live life in the dorms. And then some of us got skateboards and others (most of whom are girls) got yoga pants. The long list of our UC Irvine experiences include rabbit-chasing, smoking in Aldrich Park (before the Smoke-Free Policy, of course), MSTB trekking and those pesky venue parties.
Shout-out to In-N-Out Burger, Jack in the Box and Del Taco for being the only few places open late.
Shout-out to all our writers for their contribution, and shout-out to all our antics artists for their cartoons.
Shout-out to Aliza Asad for being an unreal Associate Opinion Editor.
Shout-out to all our readers for picking-up the New U and reading or just browsing.
And last but not least, congratulations to the graduating Class of 2014.