A Day In The Life of An Anteater

Transfer Student:

New University

New University

Brendan Yu, fourth-year literary journalism major

New U: What was the transition like for you, coming from a community college?

Brendan: Well, as a transfer student, I had difficulty adjusting to the quarter system. At my previous college, I was on a semester system, so I felt like I had more time to complete my work and study. The quarter system was very fast paced, however, and completely new and different for me; I really had to stay on top of my work. Before I knew it, midterms were around the corner and that’s when I realized very quickly I couldn’t procrastinate and slack off.

New U: What helped you make the transition easier?
Brendan: Luckily for me, UCI has something called the Transfer Student Center. In the center, they offer a bunch of workshops such as stress management, time management, effective test-taking skills and managing finances. I was also able to schedule an individual appointment with the counselors who were more than happy to help me with the transition. It was also a great space to meet other transfer students and socialize with them.

New U: If you could give one piece of advice for incoming students, what would it be?

Brendan: Don’t rush your college experience. As a third-year transfer, now beginning my last year at UCI, I’ve realized I have such a limited time here. I want to take advantage of all the resources UCI has to offer me. This is your time to have a fresh start and rebuild yourself into whatever you want, so enjoy your experience and savor it.


Out of State Student:

New University

New University

Tolu Odunusi, third-year political science major

New U: What made you choose UC Irvine?

Tolu: Well, as a freshman in high school I began to research a variety of different universities, and UCI looked the best on paper to me. My sophomore year I visited the campus and fell in love with it. Upon leaving the school to go back to my home in Minnesota, I actually started to cry. That’s when I knew I had an attachment to this school and it’s where I wanted to be.

New U: What are some facilities you think incoming students should be aware of?

Tolu: I personally really love the Student Center. They have a variety of different resources for the students that are led by students, such as ASUCI, our student-led government.

New U: What have you been able to take away from your two years here at UCI?

Tolu: The friendships. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. I have been able to form friendships with people from all different walks of life, and I’ve learned a lot from them. In college, you realize that everyone is unique and different, and these differences propel people forward to do great things. Being around these kinds of people make it worthwhile.


Recently Completed First Year:

New University

New University

Tatiana Rodriguez, second-year criminology law and society major

New U: What was the transition like for you, going from high school to college?

Tatiana: It was pretty scary to be honest. I knew I had to get back into my old study habits and I had to make my work and studies my priority. I did have to adjust to the reading, that was the hardest part. In high school, everyone always puts off the readings and essays until the last minute, but in college, the readings are everything and so important to the course, you can’t get away with it.

New U: What was your biggest challenge you faced coming into UCI your first year?

Tatiana: My biggest challenge was approaching my professors to ask for help. I was always under the impression college professors didn’t care about their students. During winter quarter, my professors made it mandatory to attend their office hours and talk to them. I then realized how easy it is to have a one-on-one with professors and how approachable and helpful they are. They really just want to see you succeed and do well.

New U: What advice do you have for incoming students?

Tatiana: I would say, have an open mind. I have seen a lot of people close themselves off and not give other people and this school a chance. Experiences will not just fall into your lap if your are spending all day in your room. You need to go out, meet new people, do different things and embrace Irvine.