Career Center Provides a Head-Start for Students

You’re awaiting your interview, sitting diligently while waiting for your turn to be called in. 15 minutes have passed since your early arrival, and you’re wondering how to make a good impression as small beads of sweat coat your forehead and palms.

But as frightening as the interview procedure may seem, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating process.

UC Irvine’s Career Center is the place to help students access career building services and lead students on the right track to goal centered career paths throughout college. The Career Center helps students gain interview skills, guidance to develop a strong resume, provides workshops and online resources that will help students get their foot in the door and make a lasting impression with employers.

The Center was built in the mid-1970s only a few years after the campus first opened. Now at its current location adjacent to the Counseling Center, where students can seek confidential individual and group guidance, and conveniently located across from Starbucks, it’s not hard to pass by the small, yet homey-feeling building structure that makes you feel acquainted once you step in.

From all of the services the center offers, the Career Center is available to students from all class levels with a major or are undeclared. The center’s objective is that students are able to settle on a goal path as to how they fit in within a higher education system.

“It’s a great opportunity for a young student who is trying to understand the reality between their ideas which could or could not tie into their major in terms of their career and what that role entails,” said Bob Gomez, Associate Director of UC Irvine Career Center.

“Once you get here and take a look at the services, you’ll realize there are an array of opportunities here that you can really take advantage of no matter where you are on the scale from freshman to senior.”

A part of the Career Center’s online resources is Zotlink. Students are highly advised to utilize Zotlink, UCI’s main database for seeking volunteer, internship and job placements. The database, which requires students to sign in with a student’s UCI email and ID, enables students to be connected to all current events such as career panels, is a useful tool to remain updated on upcoming career events.

On September 30, Tuesday of Welcome Week, upcoming freshmen should look forward to the annual on campus job fair that will be held in the service lot between the Career Center and Cross Cultural Center. This time of year, around 1,000 students and departments attend, is when students should come and find out who is hiring, including work and non-work study eligible.

“Don’t be intimidated. Look at these services as they’re open, they’re friendly. They’re here to help,” said Gomez. “You just need to make the first step. Sometimes it is small, such as taking a step into the door and asking a simple question. Understand that these resources are here not just for you, but they’re waiting for you.”