Everything You Need to Know about ASUCI Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the Associate Students of UC Irvine (ASUCI) is comprised of five different offices that are outlined below. These offices put on events throughout the year for undergraduate students and each office specializes in dealing with issues relating to the student body throughout the year. To learn more about ASUCI, including the legislative council and judicial board, visit www.asuci.uci.edu or visit their offices located in student center.

Office of the President

ASUCI Office of the President is in charge of advocating for students within the ASUCI community. In this branch of ASUCI this year there are commissions which represent key populations on campus such as the veterans affairs commission, the Greek life commission, and the CARE (Campus Assault Resource and Education) commission.
The Office of the President interacts with the student body through different events that they have on campus. They will host different workshops through their various commissions.
One of the ways President Zomorrodian’s office plans on engaging students is through their 60 by 16 voter registration drive, with the purpose of registering 60 percent of students by 2016.
“The reason to get involved in ASUCI as a whole is that it garners a lot of professional development for students.” Zomorrodian said. “One strong aspect of it is that you are directly involved with the institutionalized mechanism that is supposed to be supporting the students on campus — it is your direct advocacy mechanism.”

Executive Vice President

The Office of the Executive Vice President advocates for students at the local, state, and federal levels.
“Our office aims to amplify the voice of the students whether they’re lobbying, protesting, registering to vote, or trying to find solutions to the problems they face on campus, and the problems they face in their community.” Khan said.
The branch interacts with students in a variety of ways such as holding open office hours, holding sit-ins and teach-ins and boothing on Ring Road.
“Our branch tries to interact with students as much as possible because without direct access [to students] our office cannot be successful.”
“Students should get involved in ASUCI and the EVP office because students have an incredible amount of power. UC Irvine is a public university which means it was founded on the values that includes active student participation.” Kahn said. “Our university system has so many different places for students to be able to participate actively in our university to change its policies and to create a better campus for other students.”

Academic Affairs Vice President

The Office of Academic Affairs produces ways for students to interact with the campus by enriching their academic experiences outside of the classroom. They serve the students in this capacity by inviting guest speakers, facilitating faculty mixers, hosting mentorship programs and leadership programs. “We give students the opportunities to see what UCI has available for their education,” Kathuria said, “We are all here to get a degree and we offer students a way to maneuver that process.” “UCI has given us a lot of opportunities, even as a chance to be here and pursue our education.” Kathuria said, “Being a part of ASUCI is a way to experience all of ASUCI and what it has given to you.”
“Its taught [me] what it means to serve in a community.” Kathuria said. “As students we have not completed our degree yet, but at ASUCI we can serve the students at the university, and make it better for the students who are not even here yet.”

Student Services Vice President

The Office of Student Services is in charge of planning entertainment events for students on campus.
Student Services is in charge of organizing Homecoming, Welcome Week, movie nights, athletic rallies, and the major concerts that occur on campus.
This branch regularly interacts with students throughout the entire year. It is a good branch to be apart of if students want to obtain skills in large scale event planning.
“It is a great way to meet people and put yourself out there a little bit more. It is a great experience.” Nguyen said.
The biggest concerts in the budget are Shocktoberfest, Soulstice, and Summerlands.
Shocktoberfest is a concert dedicated to a popular music genre. The last two years have featured artists such as A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar.
Soulstice is the largest student talent competition on campus and is held usually during spring quarter.
Summerlands is a brand new concert dedicated to the alternative and indie music genres. “We’re kind of trying to imitate the Coachella feel.” Nguyen said.

Administrative Affairs

The Office of Administrative Affairs serve as a liaison between students and key administrative services.
These services include student housing, dining, and transportation.
Through their student programs they organize the vendor fair. They also organize Anteaters in Action, which is outlet for students to volunteer.
“We also have a garden in Arroyo Vista, they maintain a garden year round and make food.” Delshadi said. “We also have the ArtLab..that’s a place for students to showcase their art. Eventually, the goal for that is to advocate for more student art across campus.”
In addition to student programs, the Office of Administrative Affairs has an advocacy wing.
“We have a team of student advocates who focus on issues around parking, dining, transportation [and] housing.” Delshadi said.
The Office of Administrative Affairs interacts with students through Anteaters in Action and hosting events.
“What’s great about ASUCI is that there is something for everyone” Delshadi said. “If you want to be involved in what our campus looks like now and in future, it’s a great place to start.”