Dish List: RA Sushi

I’ve had my fair share of sushi. The cooked, the uncooked, the amazing new finds, I’ve had it all. Now I’m the sushi lover who enjoys a raw meal. I’d drive a couple miles away for those places that are well known. Then there are those Ma and Pa businesses and ultimately those conveniently close restaurants that we all love but can take some soul searching. RA Sushi is the ultimate food friendly place where you don’t have to look any farther and can stay as close to home as your fish loving heart desires.

RA Sushi, a Japanese cuisine restaurant, is located at The District at Tustin Legacy. It sits across from Costco, Whole Foods Market and is next to the AMC for those who’d like to venture on a movie and dinner. This highly populated restaurant attracts a young crowd, although families come from time to time to enjoy a meal.

As I walked under the bold red letters against a black backdrop that spelled “RA Sushi,” I made my way to the service bar. After a short wait time, I was seated to my table that sat against the corner of the restaurant in what turned out to be a cozy area. The area was secluded from much of the lively crowd.

The restaurant, which has a modern and classic decor, is not close to traditional Japanese yet it offers an entertaining and friendly atmosphere. The glowing red lanterns that are hung from the ceiling are a sight to see and contributes to the dim red lighting that is radiated throughout the restaurant.

Moments after being seated, I was introduced to my server who was very accommodating. The server, who was very attentive, was helpful to point out all time favorites including a couple of her personal favorites. It was not long until I realized we had similar tastes, so I went along with her suggestions. I took a chance with the Viva Las Vegas Roll and the Bonfire Shrimp.

The wait time around the last couple minutes of happy hour was a good while, but it was nothing a good small talk can’t fix. Once the food arrived plated in white platters, I couldn’t help but breathe in the warm feeling from the Bonfire Shrimp and the presentation from the Viva Las Vegas Roll is one of the best creations yet.

The Bonfire Shrimp, served as an appetizer, is breaded shrimp that is lightly fried and drizzled in a chili sauce with fried shishito peppers. The first bite into the shrimp was the perfect combination of sweet and tanginess. The peppers were accommodating to the dish. It is safe to say that even for those who prefer less spicy foods can live to say they’ve tried this amazing starter dish. This time, there’s no need to ask seconds for a glass of water. It tastes just as great alone too.

The Viva Las Vegas Rolls, which comes in decent proportions of five rolls, consists of “kanikama” or imitation crab meat. The filling offers cream cheese rolled in rice & seaweed, lightly tempura battered and topped with spicy tuna, kanikama crab mix and sliced lotus root. The rolls are topped with a sweet eel sauce & spinach tempura bits. A bite into the Vegas Roll offered just the right amount of crunchy and fried goodness, which is what is to be expected from a fried roll.The flavors had just the right blend of ingredients. This roll offered a rich combination of flavors, especially the cream cheese that was densely packed and is one of the reasons for why it is so fulfilling as a meal itself. A single roll was large enough for me in that I had to split it into two.

Besides from the good food, this Japanese fusion cuisine is busiest during happy hour. It can be said that RA offers one of the best happy hours, where the prices could not get any better for a meal. RA offers a select number of foods with good proportions. I suggest listening to the servers’ suggestions who not only mine but everyone else in the restaurant seemed happy to accommodate.

Now the service is generally one of my rules on how a restaurant leaves a lasting impression on me. I’d have to say that RA is definitely one of those close sushi locations that is hard to miss. And being that it is conveniently walking distance from the AMC movie theater and shopping areas, RA is the place to go when you’d had a long day and like to bask in the upbeat atmosphere. For you raw sushi lovers, you can definitely get it at the RA.

4/5 Stars