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UC Irvine’s 50th Incoming Class

This year, the incoming students not only have the distinction of being a part UC Irvine’s 50th incoming class, but also as one of the largest incoming classes that the university has seen to date.

Over 5,000 freshmen will comprise the 2014 incoming class, one that is likely to be the second largest incoming class in UC Irvine history.

The number of enrolled freshmen stands at 5,583. According to the Office of Admissions, however, the number of enrolled students is not officially counted until after the deadline to drop classes on Friday of the second week of the quarter. Historically, the number of freshmen rarely changes much in the two weeks after the start of the fall quarter.

Courtesy of UCI Strategic Communications
Courtesy of UCI Strategic Communications

The size of the incoming freshmen class has expanded dramatically since the university first held classes. On the first day of class in October 1965, UCI had a total of 1,569 students. This year, UCI’s student body is comprised of an estimated 23,530 undergraduates.

UC Irvine also attracts a diverse range of applicants from across the country as well as applicants from abroad. According to statistics from the University of California regarding freshman admission, 73.8 percent of students in UCI’s freshman class are California residents. Compared to other UC campuses, UC Irvine ranks fifth in terms of the amount of in-state admissions.

According to the admissions office, 23,573 applicants were accepted out of over 60,000 who applied, reaffirming a continuation of the steady rise in applicants. This year, UCI maintained its position among the UC campuses as the fourth most popular campus in terms of applicants even though last year UCI accepted 24,968 applicants and had an incoming class of 5,843 which was the largest ever in school history.

However, this continued to increase over the years and has made the issue of housing these prospective students a challenge that has never been fully met. Currently there are 3,689 freshmen living in on-campus, freshman-exclusive housing. Of these, 1,947 live in Mesa Court and 1,742 live in Middle Earth. Additionally, 332 freshmen are living in Campus Village, 216 live in Arroyo Vista and 135 live in Camino Del Sol. There is currently no information on the breakdown of freshmen who either live in other off-campus residences or commute.

This inability to house a constantly growing number of incoming students has led to numerous expansions of residential areas such as Middle Earth and Mesa Court, the latter of which is the site of the newest expansion, scheduled to be completed by fall 2016 for a class that may be larger in size than this year’s.