Fall in Love with “A to Z”

NBC’s new fall comedy, “A to Z,” is the quintessential story about a hopeless romantic. Being a hopeless romantic, I enjoyed the show but did not fall in love like the characters in the comedy. The show revolves around Andrew (Ben Feldman) and his relationship with Zelda (Cristin Milioti). Most people will recognize Milioti from her recent role as the famed mother of “How I Met Your Mother,” and in many ways, this show is similar to the aforementioned popular series.

Andrew believes in fate, the one, love at first sight — everything that Zelda scoffs at. Andrew resembles Ted, the protagonist of “How I Met Your Mother,” or even Tom from “500 Days of Summer.” He is your classic romantic protagonist. Zelda, on the other hand, is much more wary in her approach to love. In the pilot episode, “A is for Acquaintances,” Andrew and Zelda meet and sparks fly.

Feldman does an adequate job of portraying Andrew. He gives him a quirky and happy-go-lucky vibe. However, his hopeless romantic persona is much too overplayed. Milioti does a better portrayal of Zelda, because her character is much more believable. But even the portrayal of her fear of love is a bit extreme. However, that is likely the goal of the show, to bring two opposite characters together.

Other notable characters in the TV series include Stu (Henry Zebrowski) and Stephie (Lenora Crichlow). Stu is Andrew’s sidekick and is there just for comedic purposes. Zebrowski delivers his punch lines and that is all he really offers. Stephie is Zelda’s advisor in the game of love. She also just puts in her two cents and doesn’t do much else. Both characters are quite stagnant and seem unnecessary at times.

Based on the pilot alone, the show was enjoyable. There wasn’t too much of a “wow” factor to it. The plot had moments that made my heart flutter, but I was not itching for the next episode. I knew that I would watch the second episode but only time will tell if the show would capture my heart.

In the second episode, “B is for Big Glory”, the plot continues the courtship between the two and more problems arise. This episode actually failed to keep my attention.  Both characters were frustrating and seemed to make their question of exclusivity far more complicated than it needed to be. However, the show is still relatable. It’s nice to watch the first buddings of a relationship and relate to these trials and tribulations.

Although the show has failed to hook me, I still like it and will continue to watch it whenever I have time or catch it on. It is very similar to other shows out there such as ABC’s “Manhattan Love Story,” but it still gives its own refreshing twist to an otherwise classic boy meets girl story line.


RECOMMENDED: It’s a cute story about an adorable relationship. If you love romantic comedies and love stories, then definitely watch it.