Shocktoberfest in the House

“UCI, when the beat drops, I want everyone jumping as high as you can!” yelled the floor-rumbling, beat-pounding Canadian duo Adventure Club.

After many years of similarly hip-hop-oriented concerts, ASUCI Student Services finally got the input it needed to change the flavor of Shocktoberfest. This year the electronic music bill included locally grown act Slander, as well as Cash Cash and the world-renowned EDM/dubstep duo Adventure Club.

Fans and electronic music enthusiasts were all delighted for this year’s annual basketball and music lineup and for the most part, it did not disappoint. This year’s “rave fest” — as some students called it — provided a great party atmosphere that the campus generally lacks. The night started with lots of eagerness as some students waited in line for hours just to get good floor or GA seats.

Chris Lee | Photography Intern

Chris Lee | Photography Intern

Energy was high as the Spirit Squad gave students a fun and energetic performance. Then, the UCI Men and Women’s basketball teams took the floor.  After both teams and their stars were introduced, they put on Midnight Madness, a 3-point and dunk contest. Although the midnight madness event is made to highlight our basketball program, the real entertainment is the music performance, which keeps crowds of students coming back year after year.

As the lights dimmed and scores of students yelled for the music to start, Slander, the UCI alumni trap music duo, kicked off the event. Known for their bass-bumping beats and high energy, Slander did not disappoint. Cash Cash, an eclectic electronic music group that mixes more dance friendly, electropop music, followed them.

Fourth year student Omar Zuwayed commented on the music being more accessible than previous years.

“You don’t really need to know the music or artists to have a good time. It’s been a great atmosphere for the students.”

Similarly, lots of guests and undergrads raved about the music lineup and many newcomers attended for the first time this year.

A must for any music fan attending a concert is the ability to get pit/floor access to a concert. This year Shocktoberfest planners fixed the mishap of last year and hundreds of students and guests were able to buy floor tickets, and ultimately get close and personal with the artists.

Chris Lee | Photography Intern

Chris Lee | Photography Intern

One major issue was the miscommunication with fans and Bren staff, as some students and guests were misdirected to which entrance to enter the floor GA from. Since there was no re-entry, these fans could not get their moneys worth and lost out on a spectacular concert. Likewise the lack of an after party/DJ event really let down a lot of students itching to keep the party mood going, but this can be forgiven due to the great event that ASUCI was able to put on.

Finally, Adventure Club came onto the stage and the crowd went nuts at their entrance. They did not disappoint, playing 75 minutes of beat-dropping dubstep, and incorporating all their biggest hits such as “Gold” (featuring Yuna). Their set featured a lot of dance music-friendly hits with lots of drops and melodic tunes mixed in between their heavy hits, and this was pretty successful at keeping the casual music fans hyped for the entire night.

Near the very end of this epic set, Adventure Club played a brand new track titled “Fade” and the crowd went wild as balloons dropped from the rafters. After it was all said and done, the artists at Shocktoberfest brought great energy, and, although the pit was not as hyped and into the music as other concerts, it was a genuinely great experience, and sets the stage for future electronic acts to play at UCI.