Claire Trevor Brakes for ‘Redline’

If you were walking through the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) last Monday, chances are you heard the emphatic shouts and the loud revving of engines as UCI and the Newport Beach Film Festival teamed up to present a free showing of the anime film “Redline.”


Courtesy of Anteater Photography Organization

Courtesy of Anteater Photography Organization

This event was open to both UCI students and the Irvine community in a joint effort to get them more aware of the Arts in Orange County and how they could get involved.

Present at the screening was Dennis Baker, the Director of the Short Film Program for the Newport Beach Film Festival, who took a moment to talk to me about how this partnership all came about.

“My wife and I have always been supporters of the Arts, especially at UCI,” Baker said. “The talent here is on par with what you would see with professional companies and we try to come out to every event possible because it is so worth it.”

His appreciation of UCI’s programs and his connection to the Film Festival is what led to a discussion with Joe Lewis, the previous Dean of the CTSA, where they brainstormed the idea of screening these films at UCI in the CTSA grounds and opening it up for students and citizens alike.

The idea became a reality for the first time last year, when the two groups partnered up to present films like the Korean blockbuster “The Host,” which received critical acclaim back in 2006.

The new Dean of the CTSA, Stephen Barker, continued this partnership and worked with Baker to present “Redline,” a hyperactive and outrageously fun, Japanese anime about a group of racers fighting to win first place in the most deadly race in all the universe.

Equipped with a gorgeous art style and soundtrack, the film blew Monday night’s audience away as they cheered on and laughed at the pure awesomeness of film.

The positive reaction made Sam Younghaus-Haug, the Program Director for the Beall Center for Art and Technology (BCAT), feel excited about the use of the space and the influx of people in the CTSA.

Courtesy of Anteater Photography Organization

Courtesy of Anteater Photography Organization

She told me that the CTSA had been making adjustments to the Arts Plaza for the past two years so that events like this one could occur more often.

“We really want to get more people into the Arts and show them what we have,” she expressed. “Like over in the Beall, we currently have a series of interactive video games designed by Eddo Stern which students can interact with for free on the weekdays. I really want students to come and see how they can be a part of the Arts, even if they’re not in the School.”

There are many ways to get involved in the Arts in both the OC and UCI. Dennis Baker informed me that the Newport Beach Film Festival is always looking for volunteers to either screen films for the Festival or to actually work the Festival, and that all they need to do is apply online.

At UCI, students can get involved with Chancellor Gillman’s new interdisciplinary program “Illuminations” as it begins to roll out this year.

But on Monday night, no one was thinking about where everyone came from. It all came down to sharing a space with people and enjoying an awesome movie about racecars and explosions. At the end of a Monday, you couldn’t ask for more.