UCI Student Inquiry: What are your plans for Thanksgiving weekend?

Compiled by Armina Petrosyan

“I’m going up north for thanksgiving at my grandparents.”

 Jacob Schulze, third-year, criminology law and society

“Eat turkey, smoke cigar with a glass of scotch along with my thermodynamics notes.”

 Gor Kirakosyan, fourth-year, chemistry

“I will most likely celebrate with my boyfriend’s family since my family is Romanian and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I will be studying for LSAT in the morning, while patiently waiting to stuff myself in the evening.”

Ioanna Raducu, fourth-year, English

“I don’t get to go home because it’s too far. Hopefully I get to spend it with either my family in Southern California or spend it with my friends I’ve made at UCI.”

–  Yevgeniya Gabriyelova, fifth-year, pharmaceutical science